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Integrated campaigns combine a number of elements of the marketing communications mix. For example, this could be:

  • printed materials
  • a campaign website 
  • a programme of events

These all help to market a University offer, product or service.

Campaigns aim to achieve maximum exposure over a pre-determined timeframe. They are monitored and evaluated for impact during and after they have run.



Campaign brands

For some campaigns a 'campaign brand' is created, giving the right message, visual identity and tone of voice for the target audience. Campaign brands have a different look and feel to the University's corporate materials, but still comply with the corporate identity. 

Most activities do not require a campaign brand - the University's normal brand identity is sufficient, and they can be covered by headings and standard approaches. Some activities may benefit from a tagline and/or visual imagery, but these still follow standard brand guidelines and have no logo of their own (eg UG recruitment campaign, research campaign, B2B campaign).            

Campaign identity examples

It may occasionally be appropriate to create a broader campaign identity. This occurs where:

  • clear recognition and recall is needed to achieve objectives (eg Impact: The Nottingham Campaign)
  • there is a reputational benefit from the activity being clearly presented (eg May Fest)
These exceptions need prior agreement from Marketing, Communications and Recruitment. They may also need bespoke design, but must still complement the core brand style. Campaign brands do not replace the main University brand and should not be used without inclusion of the University logo. They generally sit to the left of the header.

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