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Glossary of terms


Above the Line
What you could call 'top level' marketing, usually advertising (in the press, on TV, radio etc.).
Account Management
The process by which an agency or supplier manages the needs of a client.
A Classification of Residential Neighbourhoods: ACORN is a database used to classify audience members in terms of the type of housing they live in.
Added Value
The increase in worth of a product or service as a result of a specific action or activity, for instance, branding, packaging or endorsement.
Promotion of a product, service, or message by an identified sponsor using paid-for media.
Advocacy Advertising
Advocacy advertising expresses a viewpoint on a given issue, often on behalf of an institution. Examples are to be found in anti-Drink-Driving campaigns.
Affinity Marketing
marketing that uses a route to an audience that relies on a shared interest. For example, the university might target potential undergraduate arts students through advertising in the popular music press.
An acronym for the process that advertising and promotion should achieve: get your audience's ATTENTION, maintain their INTEREST, create some DESIRE, give them a call to ACTION.
Awareness, Interest, Understanding, Attitudes, Purchase, Repeat purchase. This is a model used to describe the process of making a buying decision.
Ambient Media
Also known as 'fringe' media, this is 'below the line' marketing that uses unusual means of reaching an audience and may play on affinities a brand has with other brands and products. Think of the car crime warnings on petrol pumps, beer advertising daubed onto rugby pitches, or travel agents ads on bus tickets.
Ambush Marketing
using an event with profile to achieve exposure. This could be sponsorship of an event that will attract an audience you want to reach, or will earn you credibility with your audience.
Asset Led Marketing
Asset led marketing uses product strengths such as the name and brand image to market both new and existing products. Marketing decisions are based on the needs of the consumer AND the assets of the product.

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