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We work with schools and departments across the University to produce a range of materials aimed at recruiting undergraduate students.

The reason we oversee these activities is to ensure that undergraduate recruitment materials are consistent across the University, delivering the same messages and reinforcing to prospective students, their parents and teachers that we are a quality institution with a joined-up approach.

This offers a number of advantages for academic schools. We can offer:

  • access to existing design templates, meaning you will not have to pay a design agency to create your materials from scratch
  • a copywriting and proofreading service — free of charge
  • access to images
  • reductions in print and design costs
  • a full project management service, relieving you of some of the burden — free of charge

We can help you produce:


School brochures

We work with most schools to produce their brochures in the corporate style.

The brochures are A5 in size and follow a similiar theme in that the colour relates to the faculty colour in the prospectus and the main image relates to the school subject area. This provides consistency in style but also enables the school to have a unique identity. They are designed to appeal to undergraduate students: bright, vibrant images make them eye-catching and appealing.  

philosophycover  philosophyinsidespread2

UG Philosophy brochure - front cover and inside spread 

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Flyers, posters and exhibition stands

We also assist schools with a variety of promotional materials, including flyers, posters and exhibition stands. 

The flyers are often used to mail to external schools and colleges (there are four mailings per year to 4,000 schools and colleges) and/or to UCAS pre-applicant data (PAD) and are a useful method of raising awareness, particularly about new courses. PAD data can be purchased from UCAS and has been very successful for several academic schools in generating applications. For further information on PAD, please contact us.

Posters and exhibition stands have assisted several schools with improving the impact of their school at open days. They attract visitors' attention and are professional-looking and consistent in style. 

Further information

  • Examples of materials  



Postcards are often used to remind applicants about an upcoming UCAS visit day, confirm their booking onto an open or visit day or to thank prospective students for attending an open day. They are fairly inexpensive and a good opportunity to promote the University. Postcards need to have a striking, eye-catching image that will encourage students to pin them to their notice boards as a reminder of their visit or upcoming visit to Nottingham.

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HTML emails


HTML emails are a cost-effective way of getting your message to a large audience. Unlike plain text emails that you might use on a daily basis, HTML emails can incorporate images, logos and different fonts. One major advantage of creating an HTML email campaign is that you can usually track who has opened the email and who has clicked through to your website, helping you to measure how successful the campaign has been.

HTML emails can be sent to your list of prospective student contacts, to our database of undergraduate enquirers and targeted mailing lists that can be purchased. At undergraduate level, we advise schools to use HTML emails as a conversion technique rather than to generate enquiries – students are more likely to open and click through the email after they have shown interest in the institution.  

The web team can help design the email and advise on appropriate copy and methods of delivery.  


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We can also assist with the production of adverts — for either hardcopy publications or online banner ads. We can ensure that the advert fits within the campaign style and University corporate guidelines and can suggest ideas for images and suitable copy. 

Adverts within publications can be expensive and there is no means to assess their impact — we would advise against this unless the publication has been researched and is specifically targeted to a subject area. If your school is considering spending budget on an advert, please contact us for advice. Online advertising tends to be cheaper and usually provides click-through results, so you are able to assess the overall success rate. 

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If your school is looking to develop promotional materials, we can help you develop them to fit with the campaign style, ensuring cost savings and other efficiencies — please contact us.

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