School of Computer Science



Cripps Computing Centre (CCC) founded.


First Computing courses taught from within the Mathematics department by Dr Eric Foxley.


Eric Foxley leaves to become Director of the CCC. His PhD student, Dr Peter King, appointed to replace him as Lecturer in Computing


Peter King leaves for University of Manitoba. His successor, as Lecturer in Computing, is Dr Andy Walker


Dr David Brailsford is appointed as the second Lecturer in Computing in the Mathematics department.


Eric Foxley re-joins the Mathematics department as Senior Lecturer in Computing. His successor, as Director of the CCC, is Peter Ford.


Introduction of the named degrees "Mathematics with Computing", "Mathematics with Statistics" and "Mathematics with Statistics and Computing". These degrees were awarded to Mathematics students who took a large proportion of computing courses during the third year of their course.


Anne Lomax awarded a Computer Science PhD in Mathematics Department.

1984, January

David Brailsford invited to set up, and to Chair, a Computer Science Group (CSG) . Based initially within the Department of Mathematics the CSG was the first step towards establishing an independent Department of Computer Science. Other founder members of the CSG were, from the Mathematics Department: Dr Eric Foxley and Dr Andy Walker and, from Psychology: Dr Roger Henry and Mr Hugh Smith. Jim Duckworth was the first new lecturer appointment to the CSG.

1984, October

ICL Institute of Information Technology founded. (Director: Professor P H Ford). First subsidiary course in Computer Science (CS1) begins.

1984, October

First postgraduate students admitted to the MSc and MA courses in Information Technology.

1984, December

Colin Higgins becomes the second lecturer appointment to the Computer Science Group

1985, October

Some members of Computer Science Group move into Computer Science Annexe - three PORTAKABINS located in the Chemistry car park.

1985, October

First Joint Honours Students in Mathematics/Computer Science and Computer Science/Cognitive Science admitted.

Dr Anne Lomax becomes first female appointee to the Computer Science Group.

1986, October

Department of Computer science founded, headed by Professor P H Ford (also Director of the Cripps Computing Centre) and with Dr D F Brailsford as Assistant Head. The new department has 10 academic staff, two of whom are part-time.

1987, August

Computer Science Department moves into totally refurbished accommodation on the top five floors of the Tower Block (formerly occupied by the Architecture Department).

1987, October

First Single Honours Computer Science students admitted.

1988, July

First Joint Honours Computer Science students graduate.

1990, April

Dr D F Brailsford appointed to Dunford Chair of Computer Science and takes over from Peter Ford as Head of Department.

1993, August

Dr D G Elliman promoted to Chair in Applied Computing.

1995, December

Department now has more than 200 FTE students and 15 members of lecturing staff. Official announcement that the Department is to move to purpose-built accommodation on a new campus in 1999.

1996, December

Official celebration of Department's 10th anniversary.


The Department is awarded a Grade 4 in the RAE. Work begins on the site of the new Jubilee Campus.


Professor Peter Ford is re-appointed as Head of Department in succession to David Brailsford. Dr Steve Benford is appointed Professor of Collaborative Computing, making him the Department's fourth Professor. The Department at this stage has 8 research groups and over 350 students, with 16 academic staff, 2 teaching assistants, 5 F/T technical staff and 4 support staff. The Department joins with the Informatics Institute of Information Technology to form the School of Computer Science and Information Technology.

1999, April

Professor Roland Backhouse becomes the first externally appointed Professor to join the School.


In September 1999 the School moves to purpose-built accommodation on the University's Jubilee Campus.

2000, January

Dr Edmund Burke promoted to Chair of Computer Science.


Professor Tom Rodden joins the School.


The School gains a grade 5 in the RAE.


Dr Chris Greenhalgh promoted to Professor of Computer Science.

2005, July

Professor Edmund Burke becomes Head of School. Professors David Brailsford and Peter Ford become Professors Emeritus.

2006, December

Dr Graham Kendall promoted to Professor of Computer Science.

2007, August

Professor Dave Elliman becomes Professor Emeritus. 

2007, December

Dr Sanja Petrovic and Dr Uwe Aickelin promoted to Professors of Computer Science.

The School was ranked in the top 10 per cent of UK Institutions in the 2008 RAE.  Professor Steve Benford becomes Head of School.

2010, July

Dr John E. Warnock, co-founder of Adobe Systems Inc. awarded an honorary degree of Doctor of Science

2010, August

Dr Natalio Krasnogor promoted to Professor of Applied Interdisciplinary Computing

2011, August

Dr Graham Hutton promoted to Professor of Computer Science

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