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The Lab for Uncertainty in Data and Decision Making (LUCID) and the School of Computer Science at the University of Nottingham have a track record of working with domain experts to develop data-driven decision support systems and analysis.

As part of a new EPSRC funded research project investigating “Leveraging the Multi-Stakeholder Nature of Cyber Security” (EP/P011918/1) on human centred cyber security, working with the NCSC and Carnegie Mellon University (USA), we are exploring novel approaches of capturing and modelling data on the vulnerability of computer systems from a variety of sources, specifically human experts, with the aim of developing new ways of alerting stakeholders to specific areas of cyber security risk in their systems.

To support this project, we are excited to offer two positions for post-doctoral research fellows in cyber security which provide exceptional opportunities to the successful applicants, including working with leading academic and institutional partners in cyber security; being based at one of the leading universities in the UK; benefitting from fully funded residencies at partner institutions including Carnegie Mellon University to support collaboration; and competitive remuneration. The two positions have different foci as follows:

·         Research Associate/Fellow in Human-Centric Cyber Security

·         Research Associate/Fellow in Data-Driven Cyber Security

Posted on Thursday 1st June 2017

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