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Image of Maria Jose (Marisé) Galvez Trigo

Maria Jose (Marisé) Galvez Trigo

Researcher, Faculty of Science



Marisé is a Computer Scientist and Engineer (BEng + MSc) interested in the areas of robotics, Machine Learning, Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), and Human-Robot Interaction (HRI) and with a multi-disciplinary profile.

She is currently a full-time Researcher in the Mixed Reality Laboratory at the University of Nottingham. Alongside this role, she is working towards completing a multi-disciplinary PhD by Spring 2021.

She is working on projects involving educational robots (NAO, Lego Mindstorms, etc.) and industrial robots (UR 5), designing and developing control interfaces for those robots and programming them, as well as exploring novel ways of interaction that would allow humans to teach robots so they could perform tasks autonomously and to work better with them. She is also involved in the design and completion of user studies with these robots. Furthermore, she carries out software development and research tasks on the use of Intelligent Virtual Agents with applications in the healthcare sector. Marisé has experience delivering teaching within the faculty of Engineering and supervising Undergraduate and Masters students from the faculties of Medicine, Engineering and the School of Computer Science. She also has experience working on European projects, as well as in industry, which allows her to have a better understanding and perspective about how some processes work.

Teaching Summary


- Member of the supervisory team in the Nottingham Summer Engineering Research Programme for the projects "Should we talk to robots?", "User interface for robots in manufacturing", and "Computer mimic human strategy to learn how to find an object from a related object"


- Statistics tutor and lecturer in the module "Studying Human Performance" (MM4SHP UK)

- Co-supervisor in the module "MEng Individual Project" (MM4MPR), with Dr Sue Cobb as main supervisor


- Tutor in the module "Ergonomics Methods" (MM4ERM)

- Statistics tutor and lecturer in the module "Studying Human Performance" (MM4SHP UK)

- Literature Review tutor in the module "Investigatory Methods for Innovation in Engineering and Management" (MM3IEM UK)

- Co-supervisor in the module "MEng Individual Project" (MM4MPR), with Dr David Branson III as main supervisor, for the Final Project "Children with Autism: An Interactive NAO Robot Mathematics Game"

- Literature review tutor/supervisor with Dr Sue Cobb of a group of 8 students from the module "Contemporary Issues in Human Factors and Interactive Systems" (MM4HSD)


- Demonstrator in the course "Basic Statistics with SPSS (Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences)" (MHSBST)

- Support tutor in the module "Ergonomics Methods" (MM4ERM)

Research Summary

Marisé is currently a researcher in the Mixed Reality Laboratory, Computer Science, and her work focuses on Human-Computer Interaction and Intelligent Virtual Agents, among other things.

She is also working towards a multidisciplinary PhD in rehabilitation and health care research, and human factors. Her PhD aims to develop and evaluate, through a user-centred, "in the wild" approach, an easy to use, accessible system, compatible with different educational robots, that students with disabilities and their educators can effectively use to assist and enhance the learning experience.

Selected Publications

Past Research

Marisé worked as Research Assistant in MaTHiSiS (Managing Affective-learning THrough Intelligent atoms and Smart InteractionS), a project funded by the European Union under the H2020 work programme that will assist the educational process for learners and their tutors and caregivers by creating a novel and continuously adaptable "robot/machine/computer"-human interaction ecosystem to enhance vocational training, workplace learning and education for individuals with or without Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND).

She also participated as Research Associate in EDUROB (EDUcational ROBotics for people with learning disabilities), a project carried out within the Lifelong Learning Programme of the European Commission. This project aimed to explore the use of robotics in education for people with learning disabilities and offered a solution for its integration in the education of children with Special Educational Needs (SEN).

Future Research

Marisé is especially interested in research involving Robotics, Human-Computer Interaction, Robot-Human Interaction, UX and UI design and development, assistive technologies, and improving the accessibility of current technologies.

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