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Siang Yew Chong

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Dr. Chong is an Associate Professor with the School of Computer Science, University of Nottingham Malaysia.

Teaching Summary


Artificial Intelligence Methods (20 Credits)

Algorithms Correctness and Efficiency (20 Credits, Compulsory)

Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence (Compulsory)

Mathematics for Computer Scientists 1 (Compulsory)


Machine Learning (20 Credits)

Advanced Algorithms and Data Structures

Project in Advanced Algorithms and Data Structures

Simulation and Optimisation for Decision Support (20 Credits)

Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence (Compulsory)

Mathematics for Computer Scientists 1 (Compulsory)

Research Summary

Main Underlying Research Theme -- Understanding complex real-world strategic decision-making systems naturally as models that involve populations of learning agents (coevolutionary systems):

Unified Framework for Complex Coevolutionary Systems -- Uncover principle structures underlying agent behaviors (digraph theory) through sampling processes modeling agent learning (Markov chains) for precise characterizations of coevolution.

Complete Characterization of Complex Coevolutionary Dynamics -- Develop new tools to study coevolutionary systems that generate complex (including chaotic) dynamics (dynamical systems theory).

Emergence of Macro-scale Behaviors from Micro-scale structures -- (Multi-agent systems) simulation to study micro-scale conditions giving rise to macro-scale behaviors (evolution to cooperation) with nonlinear behavioral representation (neural networks).

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