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Professor Uwe Aickelin joined the University of Nottingham in 2003 and the took up his appointment as Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning at the University of Nottingham Ningbo China in January 2016. Prior to this he has been the Head of the School of Computer Science at Nottingham - twice winning the Student Union Oscar for the 'best School'. Prof Aickelin holds a Business degree from Germany's leading Business School (The University of Mannheim) as well as a European Master of Business Science and a PhD in Computer Science (completed in 2.5 years) from the University of Wales (Swansea).

Professor Aickelin has worked for more than twenty years in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Optimisation and Datamining. During this time he has authored over 200 papers in leading international journals and conferences (Google citations 7500, H-index 45) and participated in over 100 international Conference Programme Committees. His YouTube videos on Datamining have been watched by more than 400,000 people. He has been an associate editor of the leading international journal in his field for ten years (IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation).

In 2004, he won EPSRC's largest Adventure Grant (top 1% of national projects - EPSRC in the UK is equivalent to NSFC in China).In 2007, he was awarded an Advanced EPSRC Fellowship ranking number 1 at the national panel (high-level five year fellowship). In total, Uwe has won over £ 5 million of EPSRC funding as Principal Investigator and over £ 20 million as Co -Investigator. From 2009-2013 he acted as a Strategic Advisor to EPSRC in the area of Artificial Intelligence, an appointment that was exceptionally renewed twice. Uwe has worked closely with China for many years, including being appointed as Visiting Professor at Shanghai Business School, Concurrent Professor at Fudan University in 2015 and the award of a Special Professorship at Shenzhen University in 2014.

Research Summary

Research Overview

Recently Computerphile has produced a number of clips about his work:

· Nuggets of Data Gold

· Illegal Immigration & the Known Unknowns

· How does GCHQ classify security?

· What is Machine Learning?

· Anti-Learning - So bad it's good

· Why missing data is the most interesting and how to deal with it

Teaching & Supervision

PhD Students (1st supervisor): Polla Fattah

PhD students (2nd supervisor): Javier Barron, Xinyu Fu, Shaily Kabir, Zixiao Shen

Completed Research Students: Mazlina Abdul Majid (Mazlina's PhD thesis), Adrian Adewunmi (Adrian's PhD thesis), Yousof Al Hammadi (Yousof's PhD thesis), Aslam Ahmed, (Aslam's PhD thesis), Naisan Benatar (Naisan's PhD thesis), Ian Dent (Ian's PhD thesis), Grazziela Figueredo (Grazziela's PhD thesis), Julie Greensmith (Julie's PhD thesis), Andrew Grundy (Andy's PhD thesis), Feng Gu (Feng's PhD Thesis), Hazlina Hamdan (Hazlina's PhD thesis), Diman Hassan (Diman's PhD thesis), Fang He (Fang's PhD thesis), Hala Helmi (Hala's PhD thesis), Aaron Hurley (Aaron's PhD thesis), Jan Feyereisl (Jan's PhD thesis), Yongnan Ji (Yongnan's PhD thesis), Stephanie Lax (Steph's PhD thesis), Josie McCulloch (Josie's PhD thesis), Noor KS Mohamadali (Noor's PhD thesis), Tom Morrison (Tom's Master thesis), Alexandros Ladas (Alex's PhD thesis), Jenna Reps (Jenna's PhD thesis), Jamie Twycross (Jamie's PhD thesis), Amanda Whitbrook (Amanda's Master thesis), William Wilson (William's PhD thesis).

Current Projects

1. Network for Integrated Behavioural Sciences (CI), ESRC - £3,923,914 - ES/K002201/1

2. Sustaining Urban Habitats (Mentor) - Leverhulme - £1,745,632

3. ADAM: Anthropomorphic Design for Advanced Manufacture (CI), EPSRC - £269,486 - EP/N010280/1

Completed Projects

1. Horizon: Digital Economy Hub at the University of Nottingham (CI) - EPSRC - £12,459,687

2. The LANCS Initiative in Foundational Operational Research: Building Theory for Practice (PI) - EPSRC - £ 1,914,106

3. Danger Theory: The Missing Link Between AIS and Intrusion Detection (PI) - EPSRC - £657,407

4. Operational Research for Context Aware Intrusion Detection (PI) - EPSRC - £621,658

5. Multiscale Modelling to maximise Demand Side Management (CI) - EPSRC - £612,659

6. Modelling and Analysing the Cargo Screening Process (PI) - EPSRC - £492,347

7. High performance computing for stratified medicine (Mentor) - MRC - £333,093

8. Future Energy Decision Making for Cities - Can Complexity Science Rise to the Challenge? (PI) - EPSRC - £254,133

9. Two Timescale Immunological Learning for Idiotypic Behaviour Mediation (PI) - EPSRC - £185,184

10. Expert Variation for Problems in Information Risk (CI) - GCHQ - £137,196

11. The Role of Management Practices in Closing the Productivity Gap (PI) - EPSRC - £118,936

12. IDEAS Factory Productivity Network - Closing the Gap, Crossing the Levels (PI) - EPSRC - £109,686

13. FISH: Fast Semantic Nearest Neighbour Search (CI) - EPSRC - £95,625

14. Multi-Sensor Data Fusion For Threat Analysis (Smith Institute) (PI) - EPSRC - £79,285

15. The Supervisor: Towards A Human Scheduling Algorithm (PI) - EPSRC - £69,282

16. ARTIST: A Network for ARTificial Immune SysTems (CI) - EPSRC - £62,564

17. Psychologically informed Data Mining (PI) - Experian - approx. £60,438

18. European Travel Funding (CI) - EPSRC - £12,311

Selected Publications


· Appointed as Concurrent Professor at Fudan University (2015)

· Co-Chair of the 4th International Conference on Health Information Science, Melbourne, Australia (2015)

· As Head of School of Computer Science Computer Science twice winning the Student Union's 'best school' Oscar (2013-2014 and 2014-2015). No unit has ever won this prize twice.

· Appointed as Special Professor at Shenzhen University (2014)

· Best Paper at the Industrial Conference on Data Mining ICDM (2014)

· External Examiner for Computer Science UG & PGT at De Montfort University (2010-2013)

· Vice Chair of the 8th International Conference on Artificial Immune Systems, York, UK (2009)

· Best Paper at the World Multiconference on Systemics, Cybernetics and Informatics (2009)

· Strategic Advisor to EPSRC's ICT team covering Artificial Intelligence and Complexity Science. Exceptionally renewed twice (2008-2013)

· Advanced EPSRC Research Fellowship [EP / D071976 / 1] (2007-2012)

· Principal Investigator of the largest EPSRC Adventure Grant [GR / S47809 / 01] (2004 - 2007)

· Best Paper at the International Conference on Artificial Immune Systems (2007)

· Best Paper at the International Conference on Artificial Immune Systems (2006)

· EPSRC College Member (2003 - present)

· Fellow of the Higher Education Academy [FHEA] (2002)


· Representing the University of Nottingham at the Energy Technology Institute's commissioning and stage-gating panels (2014-2016)

· Member of The University of Nottingham's Research Board, Space Management Committee, Senate and Faculty of Science Executive (2012-)

· Mentor and chair of numerous Cross-Science and Engineering EPSRC panels and meetings, e.g. Science Fellowships, Future Leaders Workshops, IDEAS factory Sandpits (2008-present)

· Leader of the 2014 REF Computer Science submission. Computer Science entering the top 10 for Research Power being the 5th largest climber for QR market share (2009-2014).

· Member of the Steering Committee of the BBSRC / EPSRC Centre for Plant Integrative Biology CPIB (2010-2013)

· Leader of the EPSRC Cargo Screening Research Network - a £5m EPSRC initiative that involved some 20 Universities and Government agencies. (2008-2012)

· ESRC Advanced Institute of Management Research Director's group member (2006-2010)

· Lead fellow and Network Manager of the £1.2m ESRC/EPSRC IDEAS Factory Productivity Initiative - co-ordinating 5 projects across some 10 Universities (2006-2009)

· Executive Board Member of the EPSRC Network for Artificial Immune Systems (2003-2006)

· Over 100 international Programme Committee Memberships, including AISB, BIC, BICTA, CEC, CISched, GECCO, ECAL, EvoCOMNET, FBTC, ICARIS, ICIC, ITNG, KES,MISTA, NICSO, PPSN, PlanSIG and WSSEC.


· Editorial Board member of Health Information Science and Systems (2014-present)

· Editorial Board member of Evolutionary Intelligence (2008-present)

· Associate Editor of the IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation (2007-present)

· Associate Editor of the Journal of the Operational Research Society (2003-2011)

Keynotes & Invited Talks (selection)

· Data Mining, International Forum on Marine Emerging Industries, Ningbo, China (2016)

· Data Science series, Universities of Rio de Janeiro, Federal of Sao Paulo and Campinas, Brazil (2015l)

· Biomedical Datamining, Fudan University, China (2014)

· Big Data, University of Shenzhen China and City University Hong Kong (2013)

· Port Logistics and security simulation, University of Haifa, Israel (2012)

· Dagstuhl Seminar on Artificial Immune Systems, Dagstuhl, Germany (2011)

· International Workshop on Nature Inspired Computation and Applications, Heifei, China (2010)

· TradeTech Architecture, London, UK (2009)

· National Taught Course Centre in Operational Research, Nottingham, UK (2008)

· 6th International Conference on Artificial Immune Systems ICARIS, Santos, Brazil (2007)

· MIS Information Security Conference - InfoSec World, Rovaniemi, Finland (2006)

· Symposium on Modern Optimization Method, Ghent, Belgium (2005)

· Annual Operational Research Conference, York, UK (2004)

· Introductory Tutorials in Optimisation, Search and Decision Support, Nottingham, UK (2003)


· Experian: sponsored PhD student to investigate psychologically plausible data mining (2010-2015)

· GCHQ: sponsored postdoc to investigate new methods for risk assessment (2010-2014)

· UKBA: 4 year project to optimise Calais-Dover security checks (2009-2013)

· John Lewis: 3 year project about the effect of management practises on productivity (2007-2010)

· Netfort: PhD CASE award for computer security scenario analysis (2004-2008)

· Hewlett Packard: 8 year collaboration into new anomaly detection algorithms (2002-2010)

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