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Data Driven Algorithms, Systems and Design (DAS)


Data Driven Algorithms, Systems and Design (DAS) Research fosters a cross-disciplinary approach to data science by developing machine learning and data mining algorithms and adopting principles of user centred design to maximize the synergy between human intelligence and cyber-physical systems.

DAS Research group pursues challenges in data analysis through

  • Constructive machine learning predicting and identifying instances of specific properties in large datasets
  • Concept-graph representation and analysis of events describe through textual data
  • Pattern analyses and prediction of user interaction with media services
  • User research on comprehension and interpretation of data analytics and computation.

DAS Researchers engage in in-depth analysis of challenges and observations of natural and cyber systems. They aim to design frameworks to inform implementation,  evaluation, and optimisation of models and systems. Through data models, concept designs and technology probes they investigate issues, test hypothesis and evaluate solutions. 

Group leaders

Prof Derek McAuley

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