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Masters student profiles

Chris Finch
MSc Management of IT
You’ve core modules which teach you the concepts of IT and management and then you’ve got the variety of optional modules.  This allows you to branch off into the different areas which you might find interesting.
Emmanuel Kazi
MSc Computer Science and Entrepreneurship
It has two building blocks, we have the computer science part and we have the business part.  So we are trying to consolidate everything that we did in computer science and trying to see how we can commercialise or put this computer application into the business part of it.
A Obiol
Alejandro Macedo Obiol
MSc in Computer Science and Entrepreneurship
I have a strong technical background in information technologies; I was looking for a masters degree that could drive my career towards business rather than just pure IT. During my work experience, I realised the importance of the business aspects in every company. In my opinion, understanding the organisation of a company is a key factor for any career growth.What I found to be the most beneficial aspect of this course is the way technical elements are joined with business disciplines to give a better understanding of the whole picture to students of both technical and business backgrounds. Also, studying together with students of different educational backgrounds coming from many parts of the world helps to create a very broad point of view on how different cultures work. A key factor for choosing The University of Nottingham is that it was voted University of the Year in 2006, with the Business School being one of the leading in the country.Throughout the year I have thoroughly enjoyed my studies on this course and staff have always been very helpful no matter what challenges I faced. I would highly recommend coming here to study.
A Adenubi 
Ademola Olaide Adenubi
MSc in Management of Information Technology
The course has certainly lived up to its title and my expectations, helping me to improve my management skills whilst developing my technical expertise.

Before starting the course, I was working as an IT Administrator to the Governor of Ogun State, Nigeria. After three years in this role I wanted to upgrade my skills and knowledge to support the delivery of the state’s ICT policy. I chose Nottingham because of its reputation as a world-leading university and because the course was exactly what I was looking for.

Because it is modular, the course has allowed me to choose a balance of computing and management classes that relate directly to my job. I have thoroughly enjoyed the module on database systems—it involves a lot of independent research work and has really challenged me. I have also enjoyed the group work required by a number of my modules— it has been a good way to promote leadership skills and team working. The dissertation has really given me the chance to explore scalable websites and services—an area that I'd like to develop in my career.

I am very impressed with the teaching and facilities here. The numerous computer labs are accessible and have a good working atmosphere with everything you need to support your studies.

When I return to work, I look forward to introducing the technologies and management practices I have mastered this year. The course has really given me the confidence to meet a new set of challenges.

Top tip:
Be prepared to meet the challenge an MSc is demanding, but rewarding.
Joy Ananyi 
Joy Ananyi  
MSc in Management of Information Technology
As an undergraduate I studied computer science at one of the top universities in Nigeria and decided that I wanted to pursue my postgraduate studies at an equally well regarded institution. I chose Nottingham because it has an excellent reputation and my course really stood out from the rest.

My work as an Account Officer with the GTBank plc in Nigeria draws on my computing background and requires a sound knowledge of business practices. So this course is perfect, combining business with a high percentage of IT modules.

The staff here have been really supportive. They are always on hand to help and provide you with the information you need to succeed.

As well as developing my business and IT expertise, I have improved my communication and presentation skills— valuable transferable skills which I believe are among the most important in industry today.
 Deborah Kingston
Deborah Kingston 
MSc in Management of Information Technology
Having completed an undergraduate degree in ancient history and archaeology, here at Nottingham, I'm not perhaps the first person you would expect to meet on a postgraduate IT course. However, it's the perfect conversion, if you want to pursue a career in IT management and have no prior computing experience or qualifications.

Because the course can be tailored for people like me who don't have an IT background as well as those who have computer science degrees, you can choose modules pitched at your level which suit your needs. In the first semester, I followed a programme that introduced me to technical computing concepts and in the second, concentrated on management training.

The School really is an international environment and I've enjoyed working with people from all over the world. The facilities are good: there is a dedicated postgraduate computer lab, equipped with everything you need, and plenty of handy places to do your group project work.

Since my undergraduate days, I've been a member of the Ladies' Cricket Club. It's always good to unwind after a busy day and it's a great way to meet people.

As well as improving my expertise in IT and management, I have also developed a flair for team work and presentations— transferable skills that will be useful throughout my career. I have been offered a place on an IT graduate scheme with Atos Origin, an international information technology services company. I'm in no doubt that this course was invaluable in securing my place.

Top tip:
Getting involved in some of the Student Unions' hundreds of clubs and societies is a really good way to meet people on other courses and try something new.
 Sofia Sufiani
Sofia H Sufiani
MSc in Management of Information Technology
I work as a computer analyst at the Central Bank of Tanzania. I wanted to improve my skills and knowledge and decided to return to university.

When looking at the postgraduate courses on offer, I found that Nottingham was among the top universities in the UK and offered a masters programme that suited my needs perfectly.

By carefully choosing my modules I have been able to create a course that covers the range of subjects I need to develop my career—the application and management of IT in business, networking and UNIX. My studies have also helped me to improve my writing, presentation and management skills.

I have been really impressed by the facilities on offer within the School and University. I have everything I need to support my studies. The School itself is a very supportive environment and my lecturers are always very helpful.

When I finish the course, I plan to return to Tanzania and take up my old job. However, I will definitely be putting my new qualification to good use looking for higher posts within other government organisations.

Top tip: 

Choose Nottingham! It has all the facilities you need, and the lecturers are friendly and always happy to help.

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