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second year undergraduate
BSc Computer Science (G400)

For my final year I studied abroad for one semester at the University of New South Wales in Sydney Australia. For me studying in Australia was a great opportunity to broaden my horizons, meet new people, learn in a new environment and immerse myself in new cultures. The whole experience is one I will never forget, the university was challenging and it really developed both my academic and personal skills.

When I returned to Nottingham in the summer semester, working on my dissertation made me realise that I really enjoyed my subject and felt that I would like to continue it at a postgraduate level. Next year I'm studying for an MSc in Computer Science and Entrepreneurship. I have made the transition from pure computer science as I have plans to pursue my own startup when I leave university. This course equips me with some great skills, both practical and theoretical, in not only the technical but also the business side of the subject. I thoroughly look forward to continuing my studies at the University Of Nottingham.

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Olivia Graham
BSc Computer Science (G400) industrial placement year

I decided to study computer science at University because I had studied Computing A Level which I really enjoyed, and I had been to a talk from a University lecturer on artificial intelligence at my college which gave me an insight into computer science. I did some research, and having a strong maths background and an avid interest in programming and tech it seemed like the perfect course for me.

When I first attended Nottingham on an open day when looking at prospective universities I was instantly attracted to Jubilee Campus. It is beautiful on a sunny day, and definitely a relaxing place to study. I am endlessly glad I chose to study Computer Science, the course is incredibly broad. I now have a very strong knowledge of programming and I feel I could adapt to a career in most areas of computer science; there’s always so much more to learn as technology is so rapidly advancing, but I definitely have learned the skills to adapt and learn quickly from my time studying at Nottingham.

The most beneficial and important part of my degree has been my industrial placement. The fact that the School of Computer Science at Nottingham offers industrial placements was a very attractive part of the course for me, and after completing a year of work experience in London working for an e-Commerce company I could not imagine having done anything else. I have had an invaluable opportunity to accelerate my learning and experience working life; I know what awaits me when I graduate, and my ideas about my goals and ambitions in life have really developed. I have had a chance to make use of everything I learned during my first two years, and it has really helped to cement all that knowledge in my head by actually practising it.

I feel incredibly motivated for my return to complete my final year, and I am really looking forward to getting stuck into studying again. This year has been amazing, but working definitely makes you appreciate the perks of University life! I would recommend a year in industry to anyone and everyone, no matter what course you do! It could really help to decide where you want to be when you finish University and even help you improve your overall grade.

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Miraj Makin
BSc Computer Science (G400) final year

The course has been extremely useful in preparing me for industry, especially the second year group project.

I was placed in a group of 4 students that I’d never met before. Immediately we began working towards our common goal. We all learnt how to manage a real project and work effectively as a team.

During my second year, I decided to apply for a summer internship in financial services technology. I accepted a 10 week summer analyst position within the Technology Division at Goldman Sachs. The course and internship experience have massively helped me to secure my graduate job offer.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time studying Computer Science here at Nottingham. The staff are very friendly and are always happy to help. The students union offers a huge range of societies and sports teams to get involved with.

E Grinnell
Elizabeth Grinnell
MSci Computer Science (G404) first year

The University of Nottingham attracted me to do computer science because as well as having a wonderful campus in a great city, the university is one of the top ranked in the UK. Jubilee Campus, where Computer Science is based, is purpose built, brand new with all the facilities we could need. There are three computer labs with over 200 computers so there is always somewhere to work.

I was attracted to the computer science course because of the modules offered; the first year covers the basics of many areas on computer science and these introductions help students to choose their modules for the corresponding years. The first year has modules on database design involving programming in SQL and using PHP and web programming including CSS and JavaScript. A thorough introduction to programming is provided by modules on object orientated programming in Java, programming in C and functional programming in Haskell. Foundations of software engineering and an introduction to artificial intelligence were two modules that appealed to me when applying due to their constantly changing fields.

Compsoc is the society for those that study and/or are interested in computing, when I applied I was excited to join and since it has been an important part of my first year, providing socials for us to meet other people on our course and meet students in other years.

The reason I applied to study on the masters course is because computer science is such a wide, interesting subject. The diversity of the modules has allowed me to explore various areas of the subject and I look forward to the opportunity to do my own research in one of these fields. Research enables students to focus on something they are explicitly interested in, it must also be very intellectually rewarding for the student. The skills gained whilst doing research are also invaluable when it comes to graduate employment; I think that the independence of doing research will stand out to employers more than a student who had completed a bachelors course. It demonstrates the ability to take ownership of your own work and gain more experience within a field I would be interested in getting a job in.

Altogether, I am so pleased I came to Nottingham to study computer science, I've had a great first year and I look forward to continuing with my course.

c nortje
Caitlin Nortje
MSci Computer Science (G404) first year
When visiting the University, the beauty of the Jubilee Campus caught my eye. The wooden panelled buildings alongside a lake with ducks and swans makes the Jubilee Campus irresistible. The beauty of the interior of the Computer Science building makes for a perfect working environment, one in which I do not mind spending extra hours to complete my work. The welcoming atmosphere of the A32 lab is another one of the reasons that I chose the University of Nottingham. Students from all years are very friendly and are willing to help one another with anything that they need. I chose to do the four year masters course because my research showed that many top companies, including Google, want people who have a masters or PhD especially for the more senior positions. When applying for a student loan, applying to do a masters course means that I am able to get a loan for that fourth year of study too, which I find very helpful.

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