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Mind Body Bowl: leading a happy and healthy life

Mind Body Bowl: leading a happy and healthy life

Meet Annie Clarke (Economics, 2014). Since developing leading lifestyle blog Mind Body Bowl a couple of years ago, she’s fast become a go-to guru for all things healthy food and fitness. Opening the door to a more holistic approach to health and wellbeing, Mind Body Bowl aims to help people think, move and eat their way to a more balanced life. In between writing and filming, developing recipes for her new cookery book and yoga teaching, we chatted to Annie about how to stay authentic in the digital age and why it’s easier than you think to incorporate healthy living into your daily life… 

On…developing Mind Body Bowl

“After university I began working at Deliciously Ella, one of the most well-known healthy living blogs, and fully immersed myself into the world of wellbeing.


“Developing Mind Body Bowl was a very organic process – I started blogging as something for myself, rather than with an intention to establish my own business. I think it helped me to grow and develop, but also to find my own voice.

"Mind Body Bowl has never been about business for me. It’s happened through a natural process so there hasn’t been a huge amount of structure – I’ve learned to enjoy the process and let it unfold. But now I’m starting to build my team, so my economic studies will come in really handy!

Annie Clarke, founder of Mind Body Bowl

“ The next stage for the business is to grow my team so the content production side can go from strength to strength while I focus on teaching."

On…building your digital following

“Being immersed in the digital industry through my work with Deliciously Ella made it much easier for me to begin to build a following.

Business tip

“Be authentic – that’s really helped me to develop my business. You can’t ever be caught out if you’re true to who you are.”

"I think it depends on your industry, but for me the key is honest, authentic and creative content sharing. 

“You need to be real. People are much more likely to connect with someone that is human and honest rather than an over-polished character.

"I think that’s my best piece of advice for anyone wanting to grow their business online.”


On…connecting your body and mind

“Your body and mind are so interconnected that focusing on one completely doesn’t necessarily mean you feel your best. You can have a healthy body but if your mind isn’t in the right place you still won’t feel your best – and vice versa. 

“It’s really easy to get distracted by what other people are doing, and for me that’s when I feel off balance. I try to really tune in to my own body and mind. I don’t follow a particular plan or programme, but listen to my body and exercise depending on how I feel and what I have time for. I feel my best when I’m active, so that’s quite a good motivation most of the time!”

On…making healthy living easy 

“I think the healthy living trend is here to stay. People like feeling good, so even if they drift in and out, they will keep coming back to it. 

Annie Clarke, founder of Mind Body Bowl


“I think we tend to overcomplicate the idea of healthy living – when it really can be so simple. You don’t have to spend lots of money or time to eat well and move more. I think the best thing is to find something you enjoy and do more of that. That way, it isn’t so much of a chore and more of a choice.”


Annie’s favourite... 

Recipe...The kale curry from my book, or the maple pecan pancakes I made for Pancake Day this year!  



Philosophy...Everything happens for a reason – and if it doesn’t, then just believing it is enough to help me through any tricky times!  

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