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Then & Now

Our beautiful campuses are places of treasured memories for many. Six alumni and staff share a location which means something special to them.
Connect Features Then & Now

From University Park to Jubilee Campus and Sutton Bonington, we received plenty of correspondence from alumni and staff about their favourite spots on campus. We captured portraits of several of them in the places they most like to be. 

Photography by Marcus Holdsworth


Sally Hanford

Learning Technology Consultant

"One of my favourite places on campus is the Chemistry Quadrangle. It's a bit unloved but the grape vines are voluptuous and overhanging the seat so enthusiastically that it's possible to lose yourself in the leaves and breathe in the aroma of the plant - it's the most relaxing lunchtime spot."



Dawn Hazle

ESIT Training Administrator, Hearing Sciences (German and Russian, 2006)

"The lake will always be special because it was a base for many Live Action Roleplaying (LARP) sessions on a Saturday night. I ran the University's LARP for four years and stayed involved for a long time. I met my now-partner in Fresher's Week during our first session of LARP and made so many friends through it and the Role-Playing and Wargames Society."



Tez Hill

Retired Civil Engineer (Civil Engineering, 1970)

"The grassy slope down the hill towards Lincoln and Derby halls brings back great memories of sledging down the hill on a 'nicked very large temporary road sign', with at least six on board, all bailing out before we hit the wall at the bottom of the hill. I'm sure Ashworth, Aveyard, Edwards, Evans, Liddle and others will all remember!"


Rachael Lamb

Assistant Professor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation (MBA Business Administration, 2003)

"I studied for an MBA between 2000 and 2003, in the days before journal articles were online so I had to visit the University library to read them. My eldest son William was born in 2003, and I wrote much of my dissertation in the Djanogly Learning Resource Centre with my son in his carrycot asleep under the table."


Kiri Madhani

Club Development Coordinator, University of Nottingham Sport (Psychology, 2014)

"Highfields is the home of all the #greenandgold sports teams. It's the place I trialled for the football team as a first year, it's the place I won and lost games for three years, it's the place students go to represent their University with pride. It's the place that was most important to me every Wednesday afternoon."



Julian Wiseman

Emeritus Professor of Animal Production (Animal Production, 1979)

"Alumni from Sutton Bonington will remember the iconic cupola and weather vane originally atop the Dairy. The building was demolished in 2012 to make way for The Barn.

"The cupola is now in the new landscaped area. As for the weather vane, well it has parted company with the cupola and is now featured on a wall in The Barn."

And from across the globe

We had a fantastic response to our call for campus memories, including from many of you in far-flung locations

Rashida Haji Abdul Rahim (Pharmacy, 2001)

"The Djanogly hall was a favourite as it was where I was having choir rehearsals. My favourite memory was rehearsing for Beethoven's 9th symphony for the Silver Jubilee celebration in 1999. This memory really stuck with me as it is one of my favourite pieces of music and the first rehearsal was the day before my January exams!"

Priashvi Lutchman (Economics and International Economics, 2016) 

"I loved everything on campus but the best memories remain the lunch that I shared with my friends at Portland Building at Man's Gourmet, a walk along the Lakeside, Trent Building's unique structure, and the lovely Clive Granger's School of Economics filled with knowledge and amazing lecture rooms."

Graham Padgett (French, 1959)

"The lake was lovely in summer and autumn, but, to be honest, my favourite place from 1955 to 1961 was The Buttery. The Bass Blue Label with which I hydrated myself there proved to be an efficacious cerebral nutriment, enabling me to go on to lecture in French at the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg from 1961 to 2000."

Kok Tin Koh (Education, 1997)

"The walk round the lake and the ever-changing scenic views, whatever the time of the year, was especially meaningful to me as it was with my dearest and best friend, the late Myrtle Clarke who walked the journey with me during my recovery from breast cancer treatment."

Professor Graham Suggett (Agriculture, 1958)

"Before my time at Sutton Bonington, some students turned up at lectures in evening dress after a night out and were punished by the Dean. Thereafter that day became known as Bow Day and, during which, all male students wore bow ties and engaged in a wide variety of japes. The unwritten rule being that all trace of mischief was removed by the end of the day!"