The majority of your exams will take place online this year. In some cases – if there are Professional, Statutory or Regulatory Body (PSRB) requirements or specific need for careful invigilation - exams will take place in person on campus. Your School will contact you where this is the case.

Online exams come in three formats:

  • short-timed exams (normally one, two or three hours) run via Moodle or Rogo
  • 24-hour ‘take-home’ exams on Moodle
  • Some School of Medicine programmes use different software for assessments – you will be contacted by the school if this affects you

For the longer exams, you are not expected to work for 24 hours – this is the assessment window. You should aim to spend the same time writing as you would if you were sitting the exam in person – one, two or three hours.

The majority of short, timed exams will be held in Moodle. An additional 30 minutes will be added to your exam period in Moodle to allow for managing any IT issues and upload time at the end of the assessment period. If you are sitting an exam in Rogo off campus, an extra ten minutes will be applied. You should not use this time to continue writing - as if you subsequently have trouble uploading and you miss the deadline, your exam script will not be accepted.

If you have a support plan in place, you will normally be given 50% additional time for all online exams. The Disability Support team will contact you directly about this. For some School of Medicine degree programmes, additional time arrangements will be as per your agreed support plan. Your School will contact you directly to confirm your individual arrangement.

Different subjects will have different release times for their exams – pay careful attention to the information you are given by your school or department. Please also pay attention to instructions about where you will receive your exam paper. This is likely to be somewhere other than Moodle.

The University takes academic misconduct very seriously. Any evidence of misconduct, in online exams or other assessment, will be rigorously pursued and may result in disciplinary action.


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