Self-isolation advice


If you are self-isolating, help and support is available.


Isolation guidelines

Staff and students must isolate if:

  • you exhibit the symptoms of coronavirus
  • you have a positive coronavirus test result
  • someone in your household is experiencing symptoms, or has had a positive test result, and you have not had both of your Covid vaccinations in the UK
  • you have been contacted by the NHS Test and Trace Services and told to isolate
From Monday, 17 January, people self-isolating with COVID-19 will have the option to reduce their isolation period after 5 full days if they test negative on both day 5 and day 6 and do not have a temperature. Read more

International Students

The status of those vaccinated outside of the UK, including international, EU and US students, is not recognised for the purpose of contact tracing. Therefore those vaccinated outside of the UK are legally required to self-isolate if they are notified as having contact with a person who has tested positive for COVID-19.

Medical Students

Medical students on clinical placements should refer to School and Local Education Provider instructions regarding self-isolation.

You must also notify the university if any of the above applies to you.  

Fill in the notification form

By isolating, you protect your friends, family and community by halting the transmission of the virus. Isolating is challenging – physically and mentally. It may make you feel lonely, sad or anxious – but you are not alone. There is a range of support available that can help you get through isolation.

How long do I need to isolate for?

  • If you have Covid-19 symptoms you should stay at home and self-isolate immediately. You should arrange to have a PCR test as soon as possible. If this PCR test result is positive, you must continue to self-isolate.
  • If you don’t have symptoms but have tested positive, you must isolate for 10 days.
  • It is now possible to end self-isolation after seven days, following two negative lateral flow tests taken 24 hours apart. The first lateral flow test should not be taken before the sixth day of isolation. You must continue to isolate if you do not have two negative results at least 24 hours apart. Visit the government web pages for more information on ending isolation after seven days. 
  • If you live with others, all household members (not the original positive case) who have not been fully vaccinated must stay in their accommodation and isolate for 10 days.The 10-day period starts from the day the first person became ill or - if they have no symptoms - from the day their test was taken.
  • If anyone else in the household then starts displaying symptoms, they must get a test and stay in accommodation for 10 days from when their symptoms appear, regardless of what day they are on in the original 10 day isolation.
  • You can return to your normal routine and stop self-isolating after 10 full days if your symptoms have gone, or if the only symptoms you have are a cough or anosmia (loss of taste or smell), which can last for several weeks. If you still have a high temperature after 10 days or are otherwise unwell, stay at home and seek medical advice.
  • If the NHS Track and Trace app informs you that your isolation period is shorter than shown above (which may be due to the date you were tested or became symptomatic) or longer (they may be telling you to isolate because of a contact that you are not aware of) follow the advice on the app and let your Hall Manager know.
  • If you have been told to isolate by NHS Track and Trace because you have been in close contact with someone, the rest of your household do not need to isolate.
  • If, once the isolation period has passed for everyone in your household, you or someone in your household, develops symptoms for a second time or tests positive again NHS guidelines state you and your household must isolate again, if you have not been fully vaccinated. Click here to read the NHS guidelines.

Accessing your teaching and academic support

Notify your school if you are isolating. If you are physically well, you can access teaching and learning materials online for the duration of your isolation period.

Your school will advise you on which digital platforms you’ll need, but this could include Moodle, Microsoft Teams and the virtual desktop. You can also access key support services – like libraries and IT Services – online.

Looking after your physical health

Isolating will restrict your access to outdoor space and exercise facilities. You may use your garden, if you have one. Students in halls of residence will be able to schedule access to the outdoor spaces connected to their hall, but you must not travel beyond these spaces. You must not travel to parks, gyms or other leisure facilities.

The university’s Department of Sport has an online hub – Health and Wellbeing Home – giving staff and students access to a range of online workouts, including both live and recorded content.

Looking after your mental health

Isolating can have a huge impact on your mental health. It can be lonely and boring – keep in touch with friends and family by phone and video chat. Wellbeing and mental health support is available – don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Support and Wellbeing Team if you need help. Advice and guidance can be found through our HealthyU campaign.

The Nottingham Nightline phoneline and instant messaging service is open from 7pm to 8am every night during term time, offering a safe space for students to speak and be heard.

Student Minds –the UK’s student mental health charity – has set up a resource called Student Space. This has a section dedicated to accessing the support you need during the pandemic.

Isolating in student accommodation

Students living in University of Nottingham halls of residence

Students isolating in halls on campus should fill in the notification form as soon as possible. Your hall manager will be told that you are isolating and put a package of support in place to help you manage.

The residential experience team will be informed, and the Welcome Point team will regularly check on you. Contact directly if you need help.

Types of isolation


Students who have a positive test or are symptomatic and awaiting test results


Students notified to isolate by NHS Test and Trace 



Your Hall Manager and Residential Experience Team are on hand to support you through isolation. Please get in touch if you need to.

Students who have a positive test or are symptomatic


You must notify the university as soon as possible.

Isolation area

Remain in your own bedroom and bathroom, including shared bathroom where appropriate. Please clean shared bathrooms before and after use. Cleaning materials are supplied.

Catering provision

Monday to Friday

  • Meals will be delivered to your room
  • Grab bag lunch and breakfast for the following day will be delivered between 12noon and 2pm*
  • Dinner - two course evening meal delivered between 4.00pm-8.00pm
Saturday and Sunday
  • Room service will be delivered to your room
  • Brunch delivered between 11.00am-1.30pm*
  • Dinner Hot meal and dessert delivered between 4.00pm-7.00pm*


  • Your breakfast pack for the following day will be delivered with your lunch.
  • Saturday: Brunch & dinner
  • Sunday: Will receive a breakfast pack for the following day, plus brunch and dinner


Over the counter medication

  • Specific medical support – contact 111 and Cripps Healthcare
  • For assistance with prescription delivery – email Halls Admin. Clearly mark your message 'prescription'

Social distancing and face coverings

Please wear face coverings when opening your door.


Please contact your Halls Welcome Point for advice


Smoking is not permitted inside the building, please contact your tutor or wellbeing support.

Post and parcels

Any deliveries will be made once per day Monday to Friday, please do not leave your room to collect.

Pre-arranged medical appointments

Please contact your medical advisor/Cripps Healthcare for support.


Students notified to isolate by NHS Test and Trace


You must notify the university as soon as possible.

Isolation area

Within your household, within allocated exercise areas at allocated times and within dining room at allocated times. Please avoid use of pantry facilities. Please clean shared bathrooms before and after use. Cleaning materials are supplied. 

Catering provision

Monday to Friday

Isolation dining times set up as follows in individual halls of residence dining rooms

  • Breakfast – 9.30am-10am* 
  • A Packed Lunch will be available to pick up at Breakfast
  • Dinner – two course evening meal available between 7-7.30pm* 
Saturday and Sunday
  • Brunch - 12.30-1pm*
  • Dinner two course evening meal available between 6-6.30pm*


Utilisation of the allocated isolation exercise area in your hall as follows, Monday to Friday 12-2pm. You are encouraged to wear face covering. 

Social distancing and face coverings

You are encouraged to wear face coverings when travelling to and from exercise areas and dining rooms.


Please utilise the laundry during the allocated isolation times – Monday to Friday 8pm-10pm. You are encouraged to wear a face covering. 


Smoking is not permitted inside the building, please utilise the exercise area during your allocated time (this is a self clearing requirement). You may find it useful to purchase a pocket ashtray. 

Post and parcels

Any deliveries will be made once per day Monday to Friday, please do not leave your room to collect. 

Pre-arranged medical appointments

Please contact your medical advisor/Cripps Healthcare for support. 


 Students living in third-party halls

Broadgate Park (UPP)

What is a household?

If you are living in an ensuite room with shared kitchen facilities, everyone within this flat is one household.

If you are living in standard accommodation with shared bathroom and kitchen facilities, everyone within this flat is one household.

If you are living in a studio room, this becomes one household.

How to notify of isolation/positive test

Use the TELL US function in the Home at Halls app by updating your Covid status, the Home at Halls app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or Apple Store. Please ensure that you keep your Covid status up to date on the app, including when you receive your test results and whether your symptoms worsen. Please do not create a new submission, simply update the case you have open. You can also provide updates by calling our Reception team on 0115 9518670.

Take aways / Supermarket deliveries

If you place a food order for delivery / are expecting a delivery from a family member please ask a friend or flat mate to facilitate this.  Alternatively, please contact Reception on 0115 9518670 so we can assist the driver with access to your flat/room. This should be addressed to our Reception (Broadgate Park Reception, Turnpike Lane, Beeston, Nottingham, NG9 2RX). If you require any over the counter medication such as paracetamol, please make sure you include this in your food delivery / family care package[JVH1] . 

Bin collections

During self isolation, we will provide you with clear bin liners. All waste from your room, kitchen and bathroom must be double bagged. Where possible please separate recycling and general waste. We will collect your rubbish bags from outside your flat on a Monday, your rubbish bags must be placed outside your flat / studio by 9am on this day. Any rubbish not correctly double bagged with not be collected. If you need additional bags please contact the main reception on 0115 951 8670.

Laundry access

During self isolation, you will not be permitted to access the communal laundry facilities either in your designated block or main amenities building. If you have any urgent washing to do, please ask a friend or flatmate to undertake this task for you or alternatively hand wash this in your sink in your room/bathroom.


Students can leave their room / flat if they wish to smoke. Please ensure you wash your hands thoroughly before leaving the flat / corridor and wear a face covering whilst travelling to the designated smoking area. Please minimise contact with surfaces and return back to the flat as soon as finished wearing a face covering. Please thoroughly wash your hands on return to the flat. 

Exercise/outdoor activity

Exercise is good for your mental health. You can exercise in your own bedroom - visit the health and wellbeing at home pages from the University Sports Department for some exercise ideas.

Post collection

Mail delivered to your mailbox should be left there until your self isolation period ends. We will endeavour to deliver this to your flat / studio during your period of isolation. If for any reason you need urgent access to your mail please contact Reception on 0115 9518670. 

Medicines, prescriptions, and health concerns

If you require essential medications i.e. insulin or items that would be classified as controlled medication, please ensure that you are registered with Cripps Health Centre so that we can support delivery to your flat / room. Please contact Reception on 0115 9518670 to arrange this. 

Support pack/care package for residents

If you need to nominate someone to act on your behalf whilst you are self isolating, please email Broadgate Enquiries providing the persons full name, address details and student ID. Trent Vineyard can offer support through their established volunteer programme between 2-6pm, where needed, 6 days a week (excludes Sunday): 

  • Delivery of free essentials food pack
  • Help with parcel/post delivery 
  • Help posting a parcel/post (pre-paid postage only)
  • Help delivering and/or posting any pre-organised Covid Test kit 
  • Help with medication deliveries (Excluding students registered at Cripps Health Centre) 

For more help please fill out this form.

In an emergency you need to contact:

Contact reception on 0115 9518670




Students living in the community

Students living in the community will be emailed by the university if they report a positive coronavirus test result to check on their circumstances and provide specific support as required.

If students isolating in off-campus private accommodation are experiencing particular personal difficulties in relation to their wellbeing as a result of their self-isolation, the Support & Wellbeing Service may be able to help by offering guidance and signposting them to services and resources specific to their situation. If they would like a member of the team to contact them, please tick the specific box in the form.

Access help

If you need further assistance, specific medical support can be sought from our Cripps Healthcare Centre or by contacting NHS 111.

Out-of-hours, our security team is available on +44 (0)115 951 8888. 

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