Powering Growth through Talent Management (Malaysia)


Programme fact file

Programme title: Powering Growth through Talent Management
Qualification: Certificate of Attendance 
Start date: 7th - 8th November 2016
Duration: 2 Days 
Maximum places available: Limited 
Fees: RM 3,800 + GST of 6%.
Available on weekends/evenings: Yes

Nottingham University Business School Malaysia

Programme overview

Course description

This is a two-day residential programme. The primary focus of this training is to provide the participants with a comprehensive synopsis of the tools needed to effectively manage talent towards achieving organisational growth and success. The course delivery includes presentations, discussions, case studies and role plays designed to assist participants in applying these concepts at their workplaces.


For executives in diverse roles at companies of all sizes and stages - from current market leaders to fast-growing midsize competitors as well entrepreneurial organisations.


After completing the training, you will be able to:

  • Understand the relevance and importance of talent management for an organisation.
  • Understand the key characteristics of talent management and its contributions towards organisation’s corporate strategies.
  • Know your roles and responsibilities in identifying and developing the right talent for organisational development.
  • Know your roles and responsibilities in managing employees' performance and expectations.

Course tutors

maniam kaliannan
Dr Maniam Kaliannan (PhD in Public Sector Management, University of Malaya)
Dr Maniam Kaliannan is an Associate Professor of Human Resource Management and the Director for MSc Programmes. He is currently teaching the following modules at undergraduate, MBA and MSc levels:

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His research interest include human resource management, e-government, disaster management, knowledge management, public sector management and economics. He has presented and published his work in both conferences and international journals.

Programme detail

Course details

Day One

Module One:

  • Introduction to Talent Management Terms and definitions
  • Importance of talent management to an organisation
  • Importance of talent management to an employee's career development
  • Major talent management initiatives

Module Two:

  • Talent Management - Phase I
  • Organisational talent management
  • 'SWOT' analysis
  • Talent attraction
  • Getting SMART targets
  • Your role in managing employee expectations
  • Agreeing on development needs
  • Aligning individual and organisation needs

Day Two

Module Three:

  • Talent Management - Phase II
  • Talent management pipeline - core attributes and requirements
  • Identifying training and development needs
  • Strategic training programmes
  • Strategic career planning and career development programmes
  • Managing inter-generation employees
  • Conducting effective performance management for developmental purposes
  • Performance planning - competencies
  • Core and functional competencies
  • Identification of core competencies for your organisation, industry
  • Levels of competencies

Module Four:

  • Talent Management - Phase III
  • Effective succession planning
  • Effective leadership programmes
  • Effective rewards package to develop, motivate and retain future organisational leaders/champions
  • Issues and challenges
  • The way forward

School details

Nottingham University Business School (NUBS) is one of the world’s leading providers of business, finance and management education. We provide outstanding teaching programmes and support that enable our students at our schools in the UK, China and Malaysia to excel in a global environment.

NUBS Malaysia

We are a large and culturally diverse school, with 40 full-time academic staff, from countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, South Korea, Australia, India and the UK and over 1,000 foundation, undergraduate, and postgraduate students.


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