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LEdward Burke

Dr Edward Burke


Ed Burke is an Assistant Professor in International Relations at the University of Nottingham specialising in insurgency, terrorism and British/EU foreign and defence policy. Prior to joining the University of Nottingham in September 2017, he was a Lecturer in Strategic Studies at the University of Portsmouth.

Dr Burke recently completed a book - Army of Tribes: British Army Cohesion, Deviancy and Murder in Northern Ireland - on the experiences of the British Army in Northern Ireland in the early 1970s, which was published by Liverpool University Press in 2018. He is also currently researching the effect of the UK's exit from the EU on the British-Irish security relationship. My most recent research has appeared in the Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth Studies, Prism, and the RUSI Journal.


Rory Cormac

Dr Rory Cormac


Dr Rory Cormac is an expert in intelligence, with particular interest in covert action and secret foreign policy. He is currently involved in two research projects.

The first examines the relationship between Prime Ministers and their intelligence services, exploring how intelligence has become increasingly important at the very heart of government. The second considers British approaches to covert action since 1945. It reveals how successive Prime Ministers and Foreign Secretaries used covert operations to maintain British influence in an era of decline.

Dr Cormac has previously written widely on intelligence and irregular warfare. His first book, Confronting the Colonies: British Intelligence and Counterinsurgency, is published with Hurst and Oxford University Press (America).


Afzal Ashraf

Dr Afzal Ashraf

Afzal Ashraf is an Assistant Professor in International Relations, whose research interests include developing an understanding of the relationship between terrorism and technology. His work has provided organisations such as NATO and their partners with an insight into recent developments, and inform future policy recommendations.

Dr Ashraf also teaches on several security related modules at the University of Nottingham.


Hugo Drochon

Dr Hugo Drochon

Hugo Drochon is a political theorist and historian of modern political thought, with interests in continental political philosophy, democratic theory, liberalism and political realism. His book Nietzsche's Great Politics came out with Princeton University Press in 2016 (paperback 2018). It was reviewed in the TLS, New StatesmanTimes Higher Education, Notre Dame Philosophical ReviewsDissent and the LARB, and featured in interviews with Vox and the Irish Times. It was selected as one of CHOICE's Outstanding Academic Titles for 2017, and longlisted for the Bronislaw Geremek First Academic Book Prize.

His current research is on elite theories of democracy - Mosca, Pareto, Michels and Ostrogorski - and the impact their thinking had on the development of democratic theory in the US and Europe after WWII, notably on figures such as Schumpeter, Dahl, Wright Mills, Aron, Manin, Rosanvallon and Bobbio. He has a book entitled 'Elites and Democracy' under contract with Princeton University Press.


Pauline Eadie

Dr Pauline Eadie

Pauline Eadie is Co-Director of the Institute of Asia Pacific Studies (IAPS) and currently associated with the International Relations, Security and International History Research Group.

Her current research project explores the impact of the 'War on Terror' on human security in the Philippines and contributes to the wider debate on the relationship between anti-terrorist measures and a broad conception of human security, including civil and political liberties.


Catherine Gegout

Dr Catherine Gegout

Catherine Gegout is an expert in European foreign policy, and intervention in Africa. Her book on European Foreign and Security Policy: States, Power, Institutions was published by the University of Toronto Press in 2010. She is currently writing a monograph on Why Europe Intervenes in Africa. 

She is the principle investigator of the CoReach project with the Institut d'Etudes Politiques in Bordeaux and CASS in Beijing on Europe and China: Addressing New International Security and Development Challenges in Africa.


David Gill

Dr David James Gill

David Gill is an expert in British nuclear diplomacy. His book, Britain and the Bomb, is forthcoming with Stanford University Press.

He is currently pursuing two research projects, both of which reflect an interest in Grand Strategy. The first considers the concept of the security dilemma and, more broadly, the relationship between history and theory in international politics. The second investigates the decline of British power following the end of the Second World War.


Andrew Mumford

Dr Andrew Mumford

Dr Andrew Mumford is an expert in counter-insurgency and sub-state violence. His book The Counter-Insurgency Myth: The British Experience of Irregular War was published in July 2011, and he is co-editor of International Law, Security and Ethics (Routledge, 2011).

He has published numerous articles relating to conflict, security and terrorism, including strategic planning for the war in Iraq, and the role of air power in counter-insurgency war. 


Vanessa Pupavac

Dr Vanessa Pupavac

Dr Vanessa Pupavac is an expert in human security and development. She has published extensively on the role of aid in conflict situations. In particular she has written on the rise of international psychosocial programmes.

In 2003, she received the Otto Klineberg Intercultural and International Relations Award. She was appointed to the International Panel for the Strategic Cooperation between Irish Aid and Higher Education and Research Institutes for the period 2007-2011. She previously worked at the International Criminal Tribunal for Former Yugoslavia.


Wyn Rees

Professor Wyn Rees

Professor Wyn Rees' expertise is in three main areas of security politics: contemporary transatlantic relations, post-war British security policy and western counter-terrorism cooperation.

He has recently published The European Union in the Security of Europe: From Cold War to Terror War (Routledge, 2012) and The US-EU Security Relationship: The Tensions between a European and a Global Agenda (Palgrave Macmillan Press, 2011).


Bettina Renz

Dr Bettina Renz

Dr Bettina Renz is an expert in the politics of security and defence of contemporary Russia. Her work on the governance and reform of the security sector has been published widely. Her book Securitising Russia appeared with Manchester University Press in 2006.

Having previously lectured defence studies at the Royal Air Force College in Cranwell, she is also interested in strategic studies and the nature of warfare in the current security environment.


Joshua Snider

Dr Joshua Snider

Joshua is an expert in religious violence and terrorism in South and Southeast Asia. His areas of interest include: processes of violent transformation amongst Jihadist groups in Indonesia, the radicalisation of civil society movements and broader problems associated with the securatisation of religious nationalism.

Josh has recently co-authored two books, Critical Perspectives on Terror: Cizilisation, Liquidisation and Modernisation (Ashgate Press, 2012) and another looking at religion and global civil society.


Andrew North

After gaining an MA(Hons) International Security and Terrorism, Andrew returned to the University of Nottingham to start a Part-Time PhD Politics in Autumn 2018. His thesis looks into the motivations of why people serve within the Royal Air Force (RAF) as part of his wider interest of the human and moral components of warfare. By reviewing individual motivations, it is hoped that a more accurate picture of the organisations human capability can be understood.

Outside of his studies, Andrew is a Flight Lieutenant in the RAF. As an Aerospace Battle Manager, he has provided tactical control to aircraft in Operations and Exercises in the UK, the US and the Middle East. He is currently posted to HMS QUEEN ELIZABETH on an exchange tour as a Fighter Controller.



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