Centre for Conflict, Security and Terrorism (CST)

CST Student Members

Dimitrios Anagnostakis

European Union and Intelligence - Intelligence Organisations of the European Union

Abdul-Jalilu Ateku

EU-ECOWAS Relations in Conflict Prevention, Management, and Resolution in West Africa: Analysis of EU's Support to ECOWAS Peace and Security Architecture

Oana Burcu

China's quest for internal and external legitimacy and the impact on its foreign policy

Jude Cocodia

Peacekeeping and the Role of the African Union

Francis Domingo

Cyber Security Strategies of Small States

Elizabeth Edwards

The role of international law and security organisations, notably the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation in combating terrorism

Annabelle de Heus

The Role of Identity in Post-conflict Republicanism in Northern Ireland

Ethem Ilbiz 

The Impact of the European Union Political Conditionality on Counter-terrorism Policy: A Case Study of Turkey

Jana Jonasova 

The Role of Private Military Companies in Modern Warfare with Special Focus on Stability Operations

Ibrahim Aytac Kadioglu

The application of the conflict resolution procedures to armed conflict groups: A comparative analysis of the ETA, IRA and PKK terrorist organizations

Ignas Kalpokas

The Question of Ordering: Creativity and Limitation in Political Communities

Stacey Leach 

The sociology of war and warfare and the use of technology in shaping modern war and warfare

Sumantra Maitra

Russian foreign policy and Neo-Realism

Valentina Meiksane

The role of Russia in the Eurasian region and cooperation with China in securing the region: regional response to terrorism threats

Agatha Morrison

UK Civil-military relations in complex operations. An analysis of integration vs cooperation using Afghanistan as a case study.

Idara Osso

The Politics of oil in Nigeria: Assessing the impact of oil production on local public policy

Simone Papale

Securitization of Development in Kenya: Increasing the Risk of Terrorism?

Vladimir Rauta

Logging in and out of war: Analysing surrogacy in contemporary conflict

Francesca Silvestri

US-Indian relations after the post-Cold War – US-Indian nuclear deal

Dominik Steinmeir

State Responses to Transnational Non-State Actors. The Case of Jihadism in the Global War on Terror

Lan-Shu Tseng

The Identity of Rising China and India – Peace or Threat

Ender Faruk Uzunoglu

The Counter-terrorism Policies Against the PKK in Turkey in the light of British Counter-terrorism Policies Relating to the IRA

Ali Wibisono

Indonesia’s response to terrorism

Ruike Xu

Persistence of Anglo-American Special Relationship in the Post-Cold War Era


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