An update on winter departure plans

Wednesday, 18 November 2020
Following the government’s plans for the safe movement of students who wish to travel home for the winter break, the University has developed a process to support this.

Once the national restrictions have ended, the government has asked students to return to their home time addresses – should you choose to do so – during a ‘student travel window’ between Thursday 3 and Wednesday 9 December. This is because anyone who remains at university after 9 December and contracts coronavirus or is contacted by NHS Test and Trace will have to isolate for up to 14 days at their term-time address and would therefore be at risk of not being able to travel home in time for Christmas day.

From Wednesday 9 until Friday 18 December when term ends, all teaching at the University will be delivered online, wherever possible.

There are a number of elements which you need to bear in mind. Two of these – booking a test and notifying us of your intended departure date – will require you to plan ahead. We have set out the step-by-step method you are encouraged to follow below.

1. Check your academic timetable 

Before making plans to return home, please ensure that any face-to-face teaching in your timetable has finished or moved, and that you are available for any online assessments, to ensure that you do not miss valuable learning opportunities.

2. Test to protect

Book a test. To limit the spread of the virus further, all students will be offered a test - either through the national scheme or through our own Asymptomatic Testing Service.

These tests will be available from the end of November, giving you the opportunity to isolate, should you receive a positive result, and still be able to return home in good time for the holidays.

You will be able to choose which test you would like to take and book a slot via our Coronavirus webpages from Monday 23 November, when bookings go live.

When booking your test make sure that this doesn’t compromise your ability to complete an online assessment or engage with a required face-to-face or online session.

Once you have taken the test you should limit your contact with others as much as possible while waiting for the results.

If you receive a negative result, the Government says that, if you choose to, you can return home as soon as possible after the start of the travel window and continue your studies remotely.

If you receive a positive result, you will be given further instructions on the next steps, which will include isolating in your accommodation for at least 10 days. You must also notify the University under the Isolate, Notify, Test process.

3. Tell us your departure date

For students in halls – Departure slots will be available from Thursday 3 December to ensure social distancing is maintained. Once you know your expected departure date please book a slot using the link sent from the accommodation office.

For students in third party and/or off-campus accommodation – Please coordinate your departure date with your household so that you don’t all leave at the same time. Please take into account social distancing, be considerate of other residents in your community, and ensure you complete the survey to inform us of your plans.

More advice and tips on departure can be found on our Coronavirus webpages.

While waiting to go home please ensure you continue to follow the restrictions for Nottingham and do not risk your own health and that of others by socialising in large groups.

For those staying

For those wishing to remain in Nottingham, the University will be opening student hubs with study spaces, food offerings and a place to relax that will operate over Christmas when other facilities including those in the city are closed.

Please use the survey mentioned above to let us know your plans, whether on or off campus, so we can ensure the appropriate support is available.

Over the break

Please continue to notify the University through the Isolate, Notify, Test process if you become symptomatic or receive a positive test, even if you are not on campus. Students who are reporting from outside of their term-time address should select ‘I’ve left my halls and returned home’, so that we know the cases are not on site, or in private student accommodation in Nottingham. This will help our preparations for the start of next term.

if you have any questions, please get in touch with our Covid Contact Centre on 0115 748 7700.

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