What we can expect from you (the student)


Male and female undergraduate students socialising at Semenyih Cafe, Malaysia

Student Charter


Areas addressed


Teaching, Learning and Assessment


    • A willingness to participate actively in the intellectual environment, sharing responsibility for your development as an independent learner.

    • That you make the most of the opportunities for academic and personal development.

    • That you become an active member of our learning community, participating in your course and attending your classes.

    • That you submit your work on time and ensure that it is your own.

    • That you remain informed by using information that we will provide you with such as course handbooks, regulations and timetables.

    • A willingness to reflect on your academic progress, seeking advice and support where necessary and keeping us informed of any circumstances that might affect your ability to perform at your best.

  • That you will help us to continue to improve by providing feedback through evaluation processes such as the National Student Survey.

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Learning Environment

    • That you respect the physical environment of the University and the Students Union and behave respectfully towards other students, staff, neighbours and the local community.

  • Compliance with the Code of Practice for users of the University computing facilities.

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Support Services

    • That you familiarise yourself with the resources and support provided by both the University and Students’ Union.

  • That you take responsibility for informing your personal tutor, or relevant staff about anything impacting on your academic performance so you can be provided with the appropriate support.

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    • Payment of your tuition, accommodation and other University-related fees on time and in accordance with financial regulations.

  • That you take responsibility for seeking information about and applying for financial support that you may be entitled to.

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    • That you act with consideration for your fellow students, members of staff and neighbours, taking into account the diversity of the University community.

    • That you help to create a respectful learning environment, which encourages equality of experience.

    • That you make use of the representation available to you through the Students’ Union and engage with work that seeks to improve the university experience for all.

  • That you ensure that you are aware of, and understand and comply with the University’s Code of Discipline for Students and Dignity Policy, which define the standard of behaviour we expect from staff and students.


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    • A willingness to reflect on the skills developed throughout your time at University.

    • That you stay informed and make the most of the opportunities available to you through the Careers and Employability Service and Students’ Union.

  • A willingness to learn and develop skills through becoming an active member of the Students’ Union and University.

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Community, social media and volunteering

    • That you are a respectful member of the University and wider Nottingham community.

    • That you engage with the exciting opportunities available to you at the University and in the local community.

    • That you recognise your responsibility to respect the community both on and off campus.

    • Be ambassadors for the University by thinking of those around you.

    • Appropriate use of social media when connected to your status as a student of the University, or when directly or indirectly referencing the University. See Social Media Policy for Students [PDF].

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Appeals and Complaints

  • To familiarise yourself with these processes and to use them appropriately.

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Student Communications Officer

Communications and Marketing
University Park Campus
Nottingham, NG7 2RD

telephone:+44 (0)115 82 32353
e: studentcommsoffice@nottingham.ac.uk