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Student Charter


Areas addressed


Teaching, Learning and Assessment


  • That we will strive to support, recognise and reward teaching excellence and innovation.
  • That we will provide you with the opportunities, resources and support to assist you in your studies with a view to creating an academic environment that is intellectually stimulating and research rich.
  • Information and support to enable you to make the right course choices.
  • The opportunity to become part of an international community of learning as part of a University with campuses in three countries, more than 320 international student exchange schemes in over 40 countries and a thriving international student population.
  • The opportunity to apply to spend part of your UK course overseas at our campuses in China and Malaysia, or one of our many academic partners around the world, helping to instil the global perspective into your studies that so many employers are seeking.
  • A culture of listening and responding to you; as well as to business, industry and the community of which we are a  part.
  • Engagement with a range of surveys including the National Student Survey and delivery of positive change as a result.
  • Innovation and diversity in the methods we use to assess your learning.
  • Feedback on your learning delivered impartially and in a way that promotes learning and facilitates improvement.

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Learning Environment

  • A learning environment that includes the provision of teaching space, access to libraries, laboratories, the availability of new technologies and access to a comprehensive range of learning materials.
  • Wherever possible, ‘any time, any place, any device’ digital services: with 24/7 availability, both on and off campus, to be consumed on any appropriate device.
  • A commitment to continually invest in the University’s grounds, buildings and facilities at its campuses in the UK, Malaysia and Ningbo, China.

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Support Services

  • A comprehensive range of specialist services, including counselling, mental health, academic and disability support, career and personal development, international student support, financial support and childcare.
  • Access to specialist services through campus-based Student Services Centres.
  • A varied range of accommodation choices, and advice and information relating to the options available.
  • A multi-faith chaplaincy team, health service and other local community provision to complement specialist services.
  • Pro-active encouragement in the development of healthy lifestyles via our Healthy U initiatives.
  • Academic tutorial support, and pastoral support including from Hall Wardens and tutors.

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  • Clear, concise information regarding fees and their billing to you in a timely manner.
  • Clear information on payment methods and deadlines.
  • Information and support to help you make informed choices about your finances as a student and advice on any difficulties you encounter along the way.

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  • An environment that strives to be safe, secure and free from discrimination or harassment.
  • The promotion of equality of opportunity for all.
  • Regular review of procedures and policies to comply with the most up to date legislation.
  • Specific information, guidance and adjustments appropriate to your particular needs and course status.
  • Promotion of the highest standards of behaviour as part of a respectful learning environment.
  • Assurance that bullying and victimisation have no place in the University, as set out in the Dignity Policy.
  • A continuing commitment to Widening Participation.


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  • A Careers and Employability Service offering information, advice and guidance to help you research your career options and ideas.
  • An accessible appointment system and practical support to help you develop your CV, job or course application and interview preparation.
  • A job vacancy service advertising graduate vacancies, internships, PHD opportunities and voluntary work.
  • A comprehensive event programme offering workshops and recruitment fairs.
  • An award winning Nottingham Advantage Award scheme to recognise your extra- and co-curricular activities and their importance in making you more employable.

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Community social and volunteering

  • A University committed to engaging with and seeking respect from the local community.
  • A University that fully supports and endorses its Students’ Union and the opportunities it offers to add great value to your time studying at University.
  • A commitment to the environment and sustainability which lies at the heart of our values and your student experience.
  • A commitment to active engagement with our local communities, schools and colleges and the public in general, through the exchange of skills and knowledge and the sharing of facilities and physical resources.
  • A variety of volunteering and internship opportunities in a range of settings and organisations, helping to develop your employability skills.

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Appeals and Complaints

  • A clear complaints procedure which is straightforward to use, and aims to reach prompt conclusions.
  • A right to appeal for a review of a decision affecting your academic progress.
  • A clear policy setting out the situations in which you have a right to appeal, the grounds for appeal and the procedure which you should follow.
  • Publication of these and other policies.

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Student Communications Officer

Communications and Marketing
University Park Campus
Nottingham, NG7 2RD

telephone:+44 (0)115 82 32353
e: studentcommsoffice@nottingham.ac.uk