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General information

'“The rest of the world is a big place”, say the Dutch, well aware of how small their country is. Although small in size, Holland has a rich cultural tradition. For decades the country’s historical ties with other parts of the world has brought foreigners to settle in Holland, bringing some of their own ideas and cultures. This makes the Dutch generally open-minded and tolerant. Although Dutch is the national language, most people also speak English and often another foreign language, such as German or French.

The country’s formal name is the Netherlands, meaning 'low countries', because much of the land is at or below sea level.'

(Source: Study in Holland)

Please note that some partners may not be available for exchange for a particular academic year, if this is the case it is stated below.


  Partner universities
Amsterdam, University of Amsterdam 

University of Amsterdam website

Fast facts

  • Language of instruction: English & Dutch
  • Number of students enrolled: 31,000
  • Number of campuses: City Campus
  • Academic year: September - June
  • Autumn Semester Equivalent: September – January
  • Spring Semester Equivalent: February - June

Things to do

The University of Amsterdam is a city-based university with buildings located throughout the city centre. From its earliest days, Amsterdam has been a bustling hub of commerce that welcomed other cultures with open arms. This lovely canal-side city offers a rich history within a famously tolerant society. Amsterdam’s many neighbourhoods all have their own special character! Tourist attractions include the House of Anne Frank and the Van Gogh Museum. Once you’ve seen all the sights in the big city, get to know the surrounding metropolitan area.

Less than half an hour from Amsterdam you’ll find beaches, lakes, dunes, windmills and miles of green countryside. Top attractions: Rijksmuseum (largest museum in the Netherlands), Van Gogh Museum, Bloemenmarkt (Tulip market), Anne Frank Huis and Begijnhof secret garden.

Further information about Amsterdam is available here.

Travel opportunities

Located in the heart of continental Europe, students based at the University of Amsterdam have the opportunity to travel throughout the Netherlands including Utrecht and Rotterdam. Its location enables travel across Europe by train to neighbouring countries Germany and Belgium as well as further afield.


The Netherlands has a mild North Sea climate, with moderate temperatures. In the winter, it rarely drops below -5° C and in summer it seldom gets warmer than 28° C. The weather in Amsterdam is famously changeable! 

Finance 2018/19

As the UvA is part of the Erasmus programme, as well as a member of Universitas 21, University of Nottingham students accepted to study abroad at the UvA are eligible to receive the Erasmus grant. In order to be eligible for the Erasmus grant, students accepted to study abroad at the UvA must sign a contract with the University of Nottingham’s Office of Global Engagement prior to the start of their study abroad period.

Students studying at UVA in 2017/18 received £250 per month during their study placement. Further information will be provided at Erasmus grant information presentations in April 2018. The grant amounts for 2018/19 have not yet been released.

Means tested Global Travel Bursary of £750 dependent on household income for students starting their studies in 2016 or after. Students who started their studies before 2016 should see the finance webpage, as the award criteria differs (available to students classed as Home Students for fees purposes and accepted to study abroad as part of the University-wide exchange programme)

Approximate living costs per semester:

  • Return travel from UK (Flight, train or coach): £40-150
  • Visa costs: £0 for EU nationals
  • Student European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) (compulsory): £0 for EU nationals
  • Accommodation: £1500-3500

Approximate living costs compiled from external sources and partner university website.

Living costs


Students are housed in different types of student rooms (shared accommodation, private accommodation with shared facilities, and private accommodation) across the city and surrounding region. Private accommodation is popular and limited in Amsterdam city centre and it is very common for students to live outside the city centre and commute. Accommodation agencies provide lists of available accommodation.

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Application success rate

Percentage of students placed at this partner out of total applications received (including 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice).

2016/17 = 46%
2017/18 = 25%

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