Community chest fund


Promoting community engagement and social responsibility

Do you want to help your local community?

Have you thought of a way to contribute to the safety, social harmony and environment in which you live? 

Would you like to promote social responsibility and community engagement to students and long-term residents?

If so, apply to the Community Chest Fund and receive a grant of up to £500 to make your project a reality and your community an even better place to live.

To check that you meet criteria and apply for the fund, please fill out an application form.



With the help of past grants, students have run a number of projects that have not only helped to combat waste management, noise and crime issues, but also further strengthened relationships between themselves and local residents.

What has the money been used for?

Safer cycling, smarter gardens, cleaner dishes and better recreational facilities have all been aided by past projects. You can read about our involvement with the Nottingham in Bloom Student Garden Competition below, and we’ll be adding more information about the new projects we fund soon.

Nottingham in Bloom

Pleasant gardens have a very positive impact on the surrounding area, and although students don’t usually live in their houses very long, many of you work hard to maintain your outdoor space and bring out the best in it.  

In 2012, Nottingham in Bloom – a partnership made up of residents, businesses, schools, community groups and a range of volunteers, was on the lookout for properties with neat and tidy gardens filled with flowers and plants. There were two winners in the Student Garden category of the 2012 competition – Frazer Bowen, who had reclaimed an overgrown and sparse garden to create a vegetable patch and chicken run, and James Bailey, whose tiny back yard teemed with plants, including flowers and vegetables.

Melanie Futer, Manager of Off Campus Student Affairs said: "Students are part of the community and some of them are very keen gardeners. By backing these awards, we are encouraging more students to take pride in their garden and their community."


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