Living in the community


Love where you live

There’s plenty of things to love about living in Nottingham and there’s lots you can do to help keep it a city that we can be proud to live in.


Forgetting to put your bin out can lead to rubbish piling up, quickly making streets look untidy and unhygienic.   Leaving bins on the street can also block the way for pedestrians including people with disabilities, or parents with pushchairs.

You shouldn’t leave your bin out for more than eight hours before or after collection day, if you do it is likely that Community Protection will get involved and they can issue Community Protection Notices if they find bins left out on streets. 

Don't bag it, bin it

If you put your recycling into carrier bags inside your bin the council can't collect it. Spending a few minutes sorting your recycling can make a huge difference - don't bag it up- just throw items straight into the recycling bin.

Council websites provide useful guides to what can and can't be recycled and allow you to find out when your bin collection is:

Nottingham City



What about bulky waste?

If it won’t fit in your bin, it isn’t going to get collected. If your landlord gets you a new sofa but leaves the old one outside, it’s your responsibility to get it taken away. Ask your local council about their bulky waste collection service.

Nottingham City Council have a free service.

Did you know?

Unless it's awaiting collection by the council, leaving bulky items outside your house can be considered fly tipping and could land you a fine of up to £50,000.

Your Council

Finding the Council website for the area you live in will enable you to access a wealth of information about the services in your local area:

Nottingham City


Respect your community

Every student who registers with the University signs up to the student charter, acknowledging the following expectation:

As an ambassador for the University, we expect you to think of those around you, recognising your responsibility to respect the community both on and off campus.

Mostly community relations are good and the majority of students adhere to the charter. Unfortunately some students break the code of discipline and face action including visits from us, from Community Protection or Police Officers which we follow up with formal action from the University as part of an agreed protocol used to tackle antisocial behaviour.

Please don't let this happen to you. Remember your neighbours, keep your bins tidy and keep late night noise away from your house and you should avoid any problems!

Student Code of Discipline Guide

 Everybody needs good neighbours

Although we have a large student population in Nottingham, university students make up only about 12.5% of Nottingham's total population, and in outlying areas it's even less. Many of our neighbours have to be up early for work, have young families or are elderly.

Even in some of the areas with a high student population like Lenton and Beeston, thare are a number of long-term residents living there too so it's important for us to remind our students that neighbours may have different lifestyles and are unlikely to welcome loud noise or parties.

Things you can do to help:

  • Say hello - if you are approachable, your relationship with your neighbours is much more likely to be a positive one
  • Let your neighbours know if you're planning a party - keep it to a Friday or Saturday night, agree an acceptable time for it to end, and keep the bass turned down
  • When calling a taxi, ask the driver not to sound their horn when arriving at your house as this can wake neighbours, and remember to return from a night out as quietly as you can.

Neighbourhood helpline


This 24-hour helpline offers students and local residents the opportunity to let the University know about any issues of concern you have. Please leave a message about anything from noisy neighbours to uncollected rubbish.

Messages are dealt with promptly, but this is not an emergency helpline. 

  • t: +44 (0)115 846 8666

Getting involved

Students' Union - The University of Nottingham

Find out more about things to do in your local area - you could volunteer at a community project or local charity.

A great place to find out more is the  Student Volunteer Centre who are on the C Floor in the Portland Building

  • tel. 0115 846 8750 or

Travelling in Nottingham


There are many ways of getting around Nottingham and the surrounding areas, whether you choose to take the bus or tram or use your own car or bike.

If you decide to use a taxi, please follow the  Students' Union's advice and only use a licenced driver.


Help is at hand 

There is plenty of information and support available to you. Here are some useful links and contact numbers. 

For complaints about noise or anti-social behaviour call 0115 915 2020 (Mon-Fri 8am-5pm) or 101 outside those hours.


Student Communications Officer

Communications and Marketing
University Park Campus
Nottingham, NG7 2RD

telephone:+44 (0)115 82 32353