Moving off campus

Moving off campus

Moving off campus this year? The information on this page will act as a handy guide whether you're preparing to move out of halls or you've just moved into your new home.

Best things about living off campus

  • Becoming part of the local community
  • Getting to know more people and learning from them
  • Learning how to manage a home and become fully independent

Don't forget that you'll be an ambassador for the University in the community, so make us proud! 

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Moving into your new home

Follow these handy tips for a stress-free year living off campus: 

  • Break the ice! Say hi to your neighbours - having a good relationship will go a long way
  • Find out your bin collection day - keeping on top of your bins will keep you and your neighbours happy and will help you avoid getting a fine
  • Register to vote - you'll have your say in elections, the local community and you'll be eligible to use local council services
  • Be a considerate neighbour - make sure you keep the volume down and that people are quiet as they arrive at and leave your home
  • Protect your possessions with contents insurance
  • Check that your smoke alarms are working
  • Check whether you need a parking permit for your street
  • Familiarise yourself with the student Code of Discipline, which applies to behaviour both on and off campus

Remember to keep noise down. People living around you may need to sleep at different times to you. Keep your home and garden clean and tidy to ensure your neighbourhood is a pleasant place for everyone to live. Everybody needs good neighbours! 

Differences to halls

  • You'll be living in a mixed community with families, the elderly and professionals
  • Others may have different lifestyles - respect and look out for each other
  • You will be responsible for paying your bills and keeping your property safe and tidy

Staying safe

          Even though you've moved off campus you can still access support available from the University and Students' Union. Visit our 
safety in the city page
           for some tips on how to stay safe around the city and

        how to keep your property and possessions safe.

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