Safety in the city

Bringing down crime in Nottingham

A lot of the crime involving students is opportunistic. The University works with the Police to make your time in Nottingham safe and secure. However, you can also reduce your risk of being affected by crime by following the simple tips on this page.

The close working relationship we have with the police enables us to keep our students informed as to what is happening and, most importantly, to educate them in crime prevention.

Jamie Dickinson, Off Campus Student Affairs Manager 




Personal safety


While out always stay alert and do not flash your phone, wallet and other valuables.

Also stick to well-lit areas, always walk with friends and only use licensed taxis. The Students' Union has put together a Safe Taxi Scheme with DG Cars to ensure you can always get home safely.

Find out more about personal safety in Nottingham.

Protect your property


Burglary is one of the top three crimes affecting students, but many of these crimes can be avoided by following our top tips. 

In case the worst happens, please make sure your house contents is marked, immobilised and insured. For those living in halls, there is a block hall scheme available from Endsleigh

Keep your vehicle safe


Make sure your vehicle is locked and all valuables are removed when parked. Steering locks and alarms can also deter criminals as will parking in secure car parks.

The University is also working with Police to prevent bike thefts. Cyclists are advised to make use of access-controlled bike stores on campus, and can read our advice on keeping your bike safe (PDF).


Victim Care - Cope and Recovery Empowerment

Nottinghamshire is a safe place to study and your chances of becoming a victim of crime or anti-social behaviour are low. But it does happen from time to time. Victim CARE provides free and confidential support to victims. Visit the website to find out more. If you'd like to self-refer to the service, download and complete the form below and email it to

Victim CARE referral form

Top tips

  1. Close it and lock it - don’t give burglars a helping hand. Make sure you lock your doors, rooms and windows when leaving your property
  2. Immobilise – register all your valuables online to help catch thieves and keep a list of the make, model and serial numbers of your electronic items
  3. Don’t be a show off – keep valuables like laptops, mobile phones, ipods and expensive jewellery out of display in your home, car and when walking around
  4. Plan your journeys - if you are going out, make sure you tell a friend. Don’t take short cuts and only use licensed taxis 
  5. Never walk alone – walk with friends and in groups. Don’t make yourself more vulnerable
  6. Drink aware – enjoy your drink responsibly. Don’t leave your drink unattended and never accept drinks from strangers
  7. Don’t flash it – be wary around cash points
  8. Stay alert – if you see someone hanging around outside your house or halls, ask them who they are and be careful of letting others follow you into your building 
  9. Shred – your personal documents before you bin them

Reporting hate crime

The Nottinghamshire Police force was the first in the country to recognise mysogyny as a hate crime. Hate crimes can take many different forms from race and religion to sexual orientation and identity to disabilities. It's important that you know how to recognise and report them. Visit the True Vision website to find out more.

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