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Data – Asset – Method: Harnessing the Infinite Archive

Data – Asset – Method: Harnessing the Infinite Archive is an international research network led by the University of Nottingham and funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council and the Horizon Digital Economy Research Institute. The network brings together university partners in the UK and US, and with cultural institutions and industry partners in the UK, we explore the shaping of digital archives and in turn, technology and knowledge.

Through a series of five events, the network examines the role of the ‘infinite archive’ – the myriad and various data available on the internet – in the digital transformations of the arts and humanities. We will explore the ways in which humanities-specific methods of generating and interrogating this ‘infinite’ data could be harnessed to benefit academic research, foster development of commercial applications, and deepen and intensify public engagement with cultural knowledge and its production.
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