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Our economic impact

Universities are complicated places, and the impact they have on wider society can sometimes be underestimated.

To better understand the economic, social and cultural impact we have on our city, region and nation, we commissioned leading independent economists, Oxford Economics to undertake a full evaluation of our institution.

Trent Building on University Park campus

When Sir Jesse Boot opened the Trent Building and University Park in 1928, he had a vision of a University that would 'spread the light of learning and knowledge, and bind science and industry in unit' to ensure 'the prosperity of the nation and the welfare of our fellow citizens.' 

Today, the results of the 2015 Economic Impact Study show that the University is living up to this ambition: we are at the centre of the current and future prosperity of the city of Nottingham.

Professor Sir David Greenway, Vice-Chancellor 


A billion-pound contribution

On our city


Total economic impact generated by the University across Nottingham every year


Jobs supported in Nottingham annually by the University 

On our region


Total economic impact generated by the University across the East Midlands every year


Jobs supported in the East Midlands annually by the University

On our nation


Total economic impact generated by the University across the UK every year


Jobs supported in the UK annually by the University


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As a result of this report (PDF) , we have identified five ways in which our activities have a major positive impact.



The full report with detailed explanations of methodology, references and data sources is available on request. Please email

Economic Impact

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