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Our global graduates have consistently been rated as the most sought after by the UK’s top graduate recruiters, with the University ranked in the top three since 2013.

As one of the foremost educational establishments in the world, we bring the best and brightest together to study at our campuses – an influx of talent, ideas and innovation that brings a huge range of economic, social and cultural benefits to our communities.

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The support and encouragement The University of Nottingham gave me through initiatives such as the Ingenuity Lab definitely made a huge difference to me in becoming an entrepreneur and setting up my own business.
Marc Wileman, Founder and CEO, Sublime Science


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We bring the brightest and best students to Nottingham.

30% of all international students attending East Midlands' universities in 2013/14. The eighth largest international student body in England and the largest in the region.

29,670 students attended The University of Nottingham in 2013/14.

77% of students were attracted to Nottingham by the University, or chose to stay here instead of moving away to study.

24,360 'additional' students learn, live, study and spend in the East Midlands because of The University of Nottingham.


We provide the city, East Midlands and UK with the next generation of talent. 

16% of our alumni are still working in the city, and another 10% in the rest of the region 10 years after graduation.

1/3 of our employed graduates have found jobs in the region six months after graduation.

250,000 University of Nottingham alumni now live in 195 countries across the world, providing the University and Nottingham with a global network of advocates and friends. 

42% of graduates in Medicine, Education and associated courses will stay in Nottingham, compared to 20.5% of graduates on other courses.

830 graduates took up key worker roles in Nottingham and the East Midlands after graduation:

  • 390 became nurses
  • 240 became teachers
  • 141 became doctors

£150m raised by the University's Impact Campaign by 2015.


We employ extraordinary people.

6th largest employer in Nottinghamshire.

2.2% of total employment in Nottingham is directly provided by the University.

68% of employees live in the wider Nottingham area, embedded in their local communities.

7,293 employed in 2013/14:

  • 48% are academics undertaking teaching and research
  • 43% are employed in administrative, clerical or manual jobs
  • 9% are employed in technical roles

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250,000 alumni from 195 different countries (Figures from the 190,000 registered alumni)

  • 67% United Kingdom
  • 15% Asia
  • 7% Europe (non-UK)
  • 11% rest of the world


40,156 students studied at Nottingham in 2013/14

29,670 in the UK

  • 75% from the UK, of which
  • 26% from the East Midlands, of which
  • 13% from Nottingham
  • 25% from overseas
  • 2,300 students volunteered in 2013/14
4,548 in Malaysia (3284 Malaysian, 1264 international)

5,848 in China (5327 Chinese, 461 international)


8,293 members of staff

7,293 in the UK

  • 52% administrative, clerical, technical or manual
  • 48% teaching and research
  • 130 staff volunteer in the University's widening participation programmes
  • 97% live in the East Midlands

587 in Malaysia

513 in China

Graduate start-ups

38 Graduate start-ups in 2013/14


Economic Impact

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