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Emily Wyman

Research Fellow, Faculty of Social Sciences



My interests lie in the realm of human cooperation, specifically, cooperative behaviour and decision-making.

Basic Science: I use economic game-theory models to investigate when and how individuals cooperate under experimental conditions. I explore our psychological adaptations for cooperation, focusing in particular on how these emerge over development (experimental work with children), and how they are unique to humans (comparative work with our primate relatives).

Applied work: My applied work develops methods for applying the basic science of cooperation to real-world cooperative challenges outside the lab. This focuses particularly on fostering cooperation for productivity in business contexts, and enhancing neighbourhood cooperation for community well-being.

Background: Before joining the School of Economics in 2014, I worked at the Department of Developmental and Comparative Psychology at the Max Planck Institute in Leipzig, Germany (receiving my doctorate in 2009).

Emily's complete cv can be downloaded here in pdf format.

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