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Johanna Rickne

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Johanna Rickne is a Professor of Economics at the Swedish Institute for Social Research (Stockholm University) and at Nottingham's School of Economics. Her research is focused on understanding labor markets, public policy, and political institutions. Publications on these topics have appeared in the American Economic Review, Quarterly Journal of Economics, and American Political Science Review. Johanna has taught courses at Columbia University, Yale University, Stockholm University, and the Stockholm School of Economics.

Past Research

Recent publications:

Folke, Olle and Johanna Rickne. Forthcoming. All the Single Ladies: Job promotions and the durability of marriage. American Economic Journal: Applied Economics.

Dal Bó, Ernesto, Finan, Frederico, Folke, Olle, Persson, Torsten and Johanna Rickne. 2017. Who becomes a politician? Quarterly Journal of Economics, 4(2): 1877-1914.

Folke, Olle, Persson, Torsten and Johanna Rickne. 2017. Dynastic Political Rents? Economic Benefits to Relatives of Top Politicians, Economic Journal, 127(605): 495-517.

Besley, Tim, Folke, Olle, Persson, Torsten, and Johanna Rickne. 2017. Gender quotas and the crisis of the mediocre man: Theory and evidence from Sweden, American Economic Review 107(8): 2204-2242.

Folke, Olle, Persson, Torsten and Johanna Rickne. 2016. The Primary Effect: Preference Votes and Political Promotion. American Political Science Review 110(3): 559-578.

Folke, Olle and Johanna Rickne. 2016. The Glass Ceiling in Politics: Formalization and Empirical Tests. Comparative Political Studies 49(5): 567-599.

Folke, Olle and Johanna Rickne. 2016. Electoral Competition and Gender Differences in Political Careers. Quarterly Journal of Political Science 11(1): 59-102.

O'Brien, Diana and Johanna Rickne. 2016. Gender Quotas and Women's Political Leadership. American Political Science Review 110(01): 112-126.

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