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Adam Hutsby

Adam HutsbyBA Economics

Graduated: 2008

Inspired by his Economics teacher at school, Adam developed a passion for the subject. After graduating from the School of Economics at the University of Nottingham, Adam completed a PGCE in business education and, more recently, a masters in education.

He now works as an Economics teacher at Malvern College where he is also Deputy Head of Sixth Form, Deputy Housemaster and Deputy Head of the Economics Department.

How did you first become interested in economics?

I first became interested in economics at school from studying GCSE and then AS and A-Level Economics. I had a really passionate Economics teacher who really brought the subject to life. He could teach with ease even the more complex areas of the course.

At the end of my GCSE course he recommended that I read Free Lunch by David Smith, and from this I appreciated that economics is a subject that explains almost everything around us and the world we live in, and this really appealed to me.

Why did you choose to study at the School of Economics at Nottingham?

I chose to study at the University of Nottingham because it had an excellent reputation and had a number of lecturers and professor who were experts in their field and who had a range of research backgrounds, such as part of the commission looking at analysis of MoD pay. Furthermore, the teaching always applied theories to real-world examples, which is one of the reasons that attracted me to economics in the first place.

What are your fondest memories of your time at the school?

It is always the people that make a place. I made many good friends there and they were always up for a good laugh. The staff in the department were always extremely helpful and pleasant, from the lecturers to the admin team on the reception desk. I enjoyed meeting people from all over the world and from a range of different backgrounds.

Tell us about your career path since you graduated.

After I left the University of Nottingham I did a PGCE in Business Education at Warwick University and have then worked at a leading co-educational boarding school since September 2009.

During that time I have been promoted to Deputy Head of Sixth Form, Deputy Housemaster of a boys boarding house of 64 boys as well as Deputy Head of the Economics Department. I also completed a masters degree in education from Warwick University on a part-time basis whilst working six years ago.

What do you enjoy most about your work?

The variety of the work and that no two days are ever the same. I also enjoy trying to make a positive difference to the lives of young people.



What are the biggest challenges in your current role?

The never ending and growing amount of bureaucracy and paperwork which detract from time spent with students. The ever growing workload challenges facing the teaching profession.

How have your experiences at the School of Economics helped shape your career?

They encouraged me to follow my passion for the subject, as well as confirmed that I wanted to inspire my students, as I had been inspired in economics lessons at school, by using real world examples to bring the subject to life.

What advice would you give to someone considering or about to start a course at the school?

Spend some time reviewing the maths content as the degree is very mathematical. Cover a range of optional modules in the second and third year to give yourself as broad a subject base as possible.

Keep up to date with developments in the subject by opting for new modules new to the department. For example, I now teach Behavioural Economics to my A level classes, but this was sadly not a module when I was at the School of Economics. I feel had it been offered this would have been really useful to use some of those ideas and strategies/games with my own students.

Are you still in touch with anyone from your course and is staying in touch with your fellow alumni important to you??

Yes, I am still in contact with course mates who live all over the world, and staying in touch with them is important, as many will be lifelong friends.

And have you been back to the school since you graduated?

Yes - visited with a fellow alumni friend.




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