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Here you can view some profiles of our undergraduate students. You may also find it helpful to view our alumni profiles.

Jonathon Clegg

BA Economics

Jonathon talks about the careers support available at Nottingham.

Maria Wilson

BA Economics

Maria explains why she chose to study at the University of Nottingham.

Sham Teli

BA Economics with Hispanic Studies

Sham talks about the benefits of an unusual combination.

Kay Li

BA Economics with Chinese Studies

Kay talks about the variety of study opportunities offered by her degree.

Ismail Sadurdeen

Ismail Sadurdeen

BA Economics student and Students' Union President 2016/17

What I like about my economics degree at Nottingham

  1. You can choose the level of maths in your degree
    Although I took A level maths, it's not one of my strongest subjects so I was very sceptical about doing Economics at university. However, you have a choice of following a less mathematical stream and still graduating with a BSc qualification.
  2. Module flexibility and choice
    In your first year, out of the nine modules you are allowed to take four external modules and in your second and third year you are allowed to take two external modules. I took modules from Geography, Business and Engineering, which I really enjoyed. The school also allows you to take languages. There are many modules to choose from even within the School of Economics if you don't want to take anything external.
  3. Lot of help and feedback
    The professors, tutors, and support staff are very helpful and friendly. They often go the extra mile to help you with your course and any other help you may need. When I ran for Students' Union President the school was very supportive. The School of Economics even had the highest voter turn out at this year's student leader election!
  4. Diversity
    The School of Economics is very diverse. I have had the opportunity to make friends from all around the world.
  5. Study abroad
    You have the option of studying in our campuses in Malaysia, China or partner universities. This is great for people who love to travel


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