This third European Conference on Research Infrastructures, following the first one, held in Strasbourg in 2000 and the second held in Trieste in 2003, has:
- Contributed to clarifying the long-term scientific needs in relation to European research infrastructures, including the challenges posed by handling, processing, archiving and transmitting increasingly large amounts of data generated by scientific works;
- Addressed the possible international dimension of the new generation of research infrastructures, as well as their regional or trans-regional impact;
- Presented and discussed the work of the European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures (ESFRI) in the development of a coordinated European Roadmap;
- Highlighted the possible role of the Community financial instruments, and of the Seventh Framework Programme in particular, in relation to research infrastructures.
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Foreword & Opening Session
Robert-Jan Smits & John Wood
Sir Colin Campbell, Sir Keith O'Nions, Commissioner Janez Potocnik & Mr Jerzy Buzek

Parallel Session 3
User needs in Clinical Research, Biomedical Sciences, Environment & Socio-economic Sciences and Humanities
Plenary Sessions
1. Ray Orbach, Mitsuhiro Nemoto,     Carol Nicoll & Rob Adam
Robert-Jan Smits & John Wood
Parallel Session 4
User needs in IT and Information Infrastructure
Parallel Session 1
Policy and management
List of Participants
Parallel Session 2
User needs in Physics and Engineering & Environment

Main Conference Conclusions
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