Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

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Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Delivery Plan

At the University of Nottingham, we are committed to supporting Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) for all of our students and staff. Creating an EDI-rich culture is a priority for us and we are proud of the tremendous support so many of us demonstrate in championing an environment where we can all feel safe, happy and free to be our authentic selves.

But for our culture to truly change and inclusivity to keep spreading throughout our community, we need a clear plan – one that helps us to measure our achievements and shows us where we can be better. After consultation with staff and students, listening to your experiences, understanding your situations and collecting your ideas, we created the EDI Strategic Delivery Plan. The plan will ensure we approach EDI in a methodical and coordinated way, and will see EDI infused throughout our entire university community. 

EDI Priorities

Each year the university will work to a set of specific EDI priorities to create momentum and drive real change.  


Strategic Delivery Plan themes

There are four themes that will help to create the framework of our plan and ensure all the EDI activities we organise have these as their focus.

  • Demonstrable equality in experience for all of our staff and students will help our community to feel empowered to intervene when inequality is apparent, it will create an environment where we can listen to and share our experiences, and help us work together to ensure inclusivity in everything we do.
  • Strengthen our diversity and improve inclusion across student and staff communities will see us become more proactive in encouraging diversity: diversity of ability, of community populations and protected characteristics. 
  • Excellence and ambition in delivery of embedded Equality, Diversity and Inclusion. We want people to feel confident in embedding EDI in all that we do, through engagement programmes, using data to inform our priorities, having sound oversight of our activities, and evaluating our approaches in line with current research.
  • The University, Nottingham, and our Global Community. We represent much more than the University of Nottingham. We will collaborate with local and global communities to share our EDI learnings, we will celebrate the diversity of all of our people and we will regularly meet to address issues that emerge across our entire community.

Sphere programme

Coordinating the different activities that will take place around those themes is the Sphere programme. It is how we will lead our culture change in a structured way and it will help us strive for better in everything we do. Specific events and activities are scheduled into the programme and our independent Sphere Programme Board will champion successes – both internally and externally – acting as our voice for concern and for suggesting change. But the programme relies on much more than the Board to make meaningful change. Our Sphere Leaders support short-term programmes, our Sphere Allies support EDI in whatever way they can, and our faculties and professional services teams commit to Sphere Challenges to support EDI within their communities.

A role for everybody

There is no doubt that our plan for delivering Equality, Diversity and Inclusion is ambitious. But it needs to be to promote the change that we believe will create the culture we want for our university. We need the commitment of all of our staff and students, no matter what part of the university you work for or what faculty you belong to, to consider EDI in everything you do. Because without your complete support, we can never truly create the EDI culture we believe in. One that will make the University of Nottingham a safe, happy, inclusive and diverse place to study and work – for everyone.
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EDI Strategic Delivery Plan

View the full plan for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

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Delivery plan actions and owners

Responsibilities across the University to help deliver the plan

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Governance structure

The organisation of the team overseeing the delivery

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Success framework

How we will measure success for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

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EDI Committee Meeting Guidelines

Guidelines to ensure the discussions that take place in our meetings allow all members to contribute and debate in an inclusive, respectful manner.



Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

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