Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

The Race Equality Charter application process at the University of Nottingham was overseen by Race Equality Charter Self-Assessment Team. Four working groups report into the SAT:

  • Staff Experience Working Group, Chair – Jaspal Kaur
  • Student Experience Working Group, Chair – Sarah Speight
  • Engagement, Involvement and Communications Working Group, Chair – Tara de Cozar
  • Data Working Group, Chair – Kevin Shakesheff

The team was also supported by five REC Student Ambassadors

Membership of the Race Equality Charter Self-Assessment Team

Sarah Sharples 346x218

Professor Sarah Sharples
Co-Chair of the Race Equality Charter Self-Assessment Team 
Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion 
University Executive Board

Stacy Johnson 346x218

Dr Stacy Johnson 
Co-Chair of the Race Equality Charter Self-Assessment Team 
Associate Professor Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences



Mohamed Elmaghrbi 218

Dr Mohamed Elmaghrbi 
Assistant Professor 
Department of Foundation Engineering and Physical Sciences 
Faculty of Engineering

Tara de Cozar 218

Tara de Cozar 
Head of Internal Communications
Communications and Advocacy Division 
External Relations

Carolyn Stanhope 218

Carolyn Stanhope 
Head of HR Specialist Services 
Human Resources


Jasmeet 218

Dr Jasmeet Kaler 
Associate Professor in Epidemiology and Farm Animal Health 
School of Veterinary Medicine and Science

Sarah Speight 218

Professor Sarah Speight 
Professor of Higher Education 
Associate Pro-Vice Chancellor for Teaching and Learning

Jonathan Sneade 218

Jonathan Sneade 
HR Data Analyst 
HR Management Information and Systems Team 
Human Resources


Viv Skurok 218

Viv Skurok
Planning Officer – Student Analytics 
Strategy, Planning and Performance Division

Andy Winter 218

Andy Winter 
Campus Life Director 
Registrar’s Office

Kevin Shakesheff 218

Professor Kevin Shakesheff 
Faculty Pro-Vice Chancellor for Science 
University Executive Board


Malak Mayet 218

Malak Mayet 
BME Officer 
Students’ Union

Onni Gust 218

Dr Onni Gust 
Assistant Professor of History 
Department of History 
School of Humanities

Cecile Wright 218

Professor Cecile Wright 
Professor of Sociology and Social Policy 
Faculty of Social Sciences


Val Watson 218

Val Watson 
Head of Counselling 
Registrar’s Department

Sandra Leigh 218

Sandra Leigh 
Tutor for English in Academic Purposes 
Centre for English Language Education

Jaspal Kaur 218

Jaspal Kaur 
Director of Human Resources 
University Executive Board


Angela Aston 218

Angela Aston 
Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Officer 
Faculty of Engineering

Karen Salt 218

Dr Karen Salt 
Assistant Professor in Transnational American Studies 
Faculty of Arts

Emma Szembek 218

Emma Szembek 
Head of Widening Participation 
Registrar’s Department


Anne Partington 218

Anne Partington 
Head of Strategic Support 
Planning and Performance Support

Esther Akanya 218

Esther Akanya
EDI Project Manager, Planning and Performance Support



REC Student Ambassadors


Pei Tan 218

Pei Hong Tan 
Race Equality Charter Ambassador 
Third year undergraduate student 
School of Pharmacy

Ruochong Zhang 218

Ruochong Zhang 
Race Equality Charter Ambassador 
First year postgraduate student 
School of Psychology

Azeezat Akintunde 218

Azeezat Akintunde 
Race Equality Charter Ambassador 
First year undergraduate student School of Pharmacy


Ishrar Kibria 218

Ishrar Kibria 
Race Equality Charter Ambassador 
First year postgraduate student 
Nottingham University Business School

Ikrar Mahmood 218

Ikra Mahmood 
First year undergraduate student 
School of Medicine




Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Trent Building
University Park Campus