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Primary Education Network Blog 50th edition


The Primary Education Network is celebrating its 50th blog post this month with a post discussing student teachers' resilience in Covid times.

History of the blog

The blog began in 2016 as a way of the primary team reaching out to teachers in our partnership schools and beyond. Posts are designed both as a quick read for the busy professional but also as a starting point for more in-depth learning with embedded links to wider sources.

The blog has featured 20 different contributors drawn from the primary team, the wider School of Education staff and colleagues in partnership schools and has covered:

  • a range of curriculum areas, from mathematics to music
  • diverse educational issues, from creativity to character education
  • many aspects of teacher development, from subject knowledge development to core practices


As an example of the diversity of subjects covered, and to highlight posts by the current primary education team, we've selected a handful of older posts to give a taster of the blog content.

You can find all 50 blog posts by visiting the blog's home page.


Posted on Monday 10th May 2021

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