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Holocaust Education in Transition from Live to Virtual Survivor Testimony: Pedagogical and Ethical Dilemmas

Gary Mills, Associate Professor of History Education, is currently working with colleagues in the USA on a series of articles, with the first just published in Holocaust Studies: A Journal of Culture and History.



This article explores the pedagogical challenges and ethical dilemmas related to the use of Virtual Interactive Holocaust Survivor Testimony (VIHST) in place of live survivor testimony. The National Holocaust Centre and Museum (UK) uses 3D interactive digital as an attempt to replicate the meaningful learning experiences of listening to a live survivor. Data was collected through interviews with survivors and museum staff. Key findings include how survivors are chosen to participate, whether testimonies can or should be edited for pedagogical purposes, and challenges associated with virtual testimony that do not exist with live survivor testimony.

Please visit the publisher's website for more details and to read the full article.

Posted on Thursday 16th December 2021

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