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Photographing the Holocaust

A new free MOOC (an open online course) created by the University of Nottingham and the UK's National Holocaust Centre and Museum is now available to start and study over three weeks (5 hours per week).

The course will explore how photos can offer new insights into the history of National Socialism and the Holocaust – and what problems we face when relying on the “perpetrator gaze”. You will find out how the historical picture changes if we consider the secret photo archives created by the victims of Nazism. Discussions will focus on how seeing history in a new light can change our view of the present, and how to view photos of victims of persecution and violence today.

The three weeks will focus on:

  • Perpetrator photography
  • Photography by victims
  • Contemporary lessons

Full information and weekly breakdown of content can be found on the course website.

Educators leading the course will take part in discussions and Dr Gary Mills, Associate Professor in History Education is hosting the education/schools section.




Posted on Tuesday 5th October 2021

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