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Csaba Z Szabo

Assistant Professor, Director of Research and Postgraduate Research, Faculty of Social Sciences



Dr Csaba Z Szabo joined the University of Nottingham Malaysia in early 2018 and now serves as the Director for Research and Knowledge Exchange and Postgraduate Research in the School of Education. He holds an MA in Teaching English as Foreign Language from Swansea University, Wales and PhD in Second Language Acquisition from The Open University, UK. He became Fellow of Higher Education Academy (Advanced HE, UK) in 2020.

Supervision responsibilities:

- Undergraduate Final Year Research Project coordinator

- MA Dissertations in TESOL

- five MPhil/PhD co- and primary supervisions

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Teaching Summary

He convenes modules across undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. Recent and current modules include:


  • Educational Research Methods in TESOL
  • Educational Inquiry (Final Year Project)
  • Introduction to data analysis in R (workshop)
  • Language Assessment in TESOL/SEN
  • Teaching Styles and Strategies
  • Language as a Learning Tool
  • Academic skills (workshop)


  • Language Assessment
  • Teaching, Traning, and Technology
  • Data Analysis in R (workshop for PhD students)
  • Academic Writing (workshop for PhD students)

Research Summary

His research interests include vocabulary acquisition and assessment in not only English but multilingual contexts as well. He is particularly interested in how lexical knowledge in English is… read more

Current Research

His research interests include vocabulary acquisition and assessment in not only English but multilingual contexts as well. He is particularly interested in how lexical knowledge in English is influenced by prior language knowledge and the interaction between these languages within the mental lexicon.

His most recent research project at the University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus explores the relationship between students' academic achievement and lexical knowledge. This study traces students' vocabulary development through our Foundation and Undergraduate courses, and seeks to explore: 1) whether students' lexical knowledge can be used to predict their study success across different subjects, 2) at what rate students' vocabulary knowledge develops during the course of their study in higher education, and 3) whether, in light of previous research, students' vocabulary size is large enough to cope with general academic and subject-specific texts. In the long run, this research can contribute to the development of our preparatory courses.

Research interests:

  • Vocabulary learning, teaching, and testing
  • Multilingualism
  • Language testing and assessments
  • Language Education
  • and related areas

Research Projects:

  • Szabo, C. Z. and Reynolds, B. L. Exploring the predictive and concurrent validity of the PTE-A for academic achievement: a dual-site study. Pearson Tesing. Grant period: Nov 2020 - June 2022
  • Szabo, C. Z., Price, J., Lee, K. W., Doss, C. Y., and Subramaniam, G. Evaluating a Cognate List between English and Bahasa Malaysia, Mandarin, and Tamil to Support Teaching through the Medium of English. Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia. Grant period: Nov 2020 - Nov 2022.
  • Wong, TP. and Szabo, CZ. Factors affecting university participation and inclusion among students from protected groups. Sphere Fund, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Hub, University of Nottingham. Grant period: Feb 2020 - August 2020

Dr Csaba Z Szabo welcomes doctoral research proposals in any of the following and related areas:

  • Vocabulary acquisition and testing
  • Lexical knowledge and development in multilingual contexts
  • Teaching and learning (English) vocabulary
  • Cross-linguistic influences and translanguaging in the classroom
  • Integrated language skills and vocabulary
  • Educational attainment and vocabulary
  • Teaching, learning, and assessment in TESOL/TEFL and multilingual contexts

You can follow his research on:

Past Research


Szabo, Cz. (2015). Introducing the Romanian Frequency List and the Romanian Vocabulary Levels Test. Current Issues in Linguistic Variation: The 14th international conference of the Department of Linguistics. University of Bucharest: Bucharest University Press.

Szabo, Cz. (2016). Exploring the Mental Lexicon of the Multilingual: Vocabulary Size, Cognate Recognition and Lexical Access in the L1, L2 and L3. Eurasian Journal of Applied Linguistics, 2(2) pp. 1-25.

Szabo, Cz. (2018). Measuring Vocabulary Size in Multiple Languages. In: in Cihat Atar, ed. Cutting Edge Topics and Approaches in Education and Applied Linguistics. Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

Szabo, Cz. (2018). How vocabulary is learned, Stuart Webb, Paul Nation, Oxford Handbook for Language Teachers series , Oxford University Press (2017), xiii + 322 pp. System, 74, 220-222.

Szabo, Cz. (2020). Predicting the Academic Achievement of Multilingual Students of English through Vocabulary Testing. International Journal of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism.

Szabo, Cz. (2020). The Reassessment of Vocabulary Tests Based on Cognate Distribution. In: Paul Booth & Jon Clenton, ed. First language influences on multilingual lexicons. Routledge.


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