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Continuing Professional Development

Continuing Professional Development

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is one of the keys to success in the fast evolving education system within which we all work.

School staff and other educators are under pressure to keep up with new developments, interventions and innovations.

Academics in the School of Education have extensive teaching and training experience backed by research that we want to share with you. We think it is important to share the knowledge that we are generating and developing and to make sure that it has an impact in education settings for leaders, counsellors, teachers and learners. We also want to learn from you and develop a culture of knowledge exchange through building on our interactive and collaborative networks.

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Our programme

Our programme of CPD activities cover three areas of research informed practice::

  1. Curriculum and pedagogy (including maths, lesson study, technology in education, primary literacy, primary maths)
  2. Inclusion and diversity (including counselling, resilience, mental health and well-being, autism, whole school planning)
  3. Career development and progression:
    1. NQT (support; starting your career in challenging contexts, resilience)
    2. Middle Leaders (HoD; subject leaders)
    3. Leadership and management (mentoring and coaching, action research to improve practice; leading research and evaluation in schools)

CPD options

We are offering one-day workshops, twilight packages and one-day specialist conferences throughout the year. The twilight packages of five sessions can be purchased by one school and then attended by one or more staff to ensure the school gets the most from the opportunity to interact with leaders in their field.

Why Nottingham?

The features that differentiate our events are that they are not just 'one-off'; we want you to engage with the School of Education and to take part in genuine knowledge exchange. Each event will have a dedicated online forum where you can access reading, resources and take part in discussions before and after the event.

Person-Centred Experiential Counselling for Depression Training (PCE-CfD)

PCE-CfD is an innovative development in counselling and psychotherapy. The qualification is recognised by the NHS and enhances career prospects for qualified therapists. We run PCE-CfD training throughout the year.

PCE-CfD Training

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We are happy to answer your questions about these events and to discuss your needs for customised workshops for your workplace on these or other topics.

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