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The MA was a rewarding and fulfilling experience - it ticked all the boxes I was hoping it would, including: intellectual challenge and stimulus, exposure to and interrogation of theory, policy and practice, and perhaps most importantly significant relevance to me and my role as an educational practitioner. I would recommend it to anyone seeking to explore, question, justify or challenge the role ICT might have in education.

Tim Meek - Software Developer

I learnt a lot in my MA studies in Nottingham. The most valuable thing I learnt is to keep challenging myself to think and sharpen thinking during the process.

The support during the dissertation writing is intense. I benefited a lot from the tutorial discussions and comments from my supervisor in e-mails.MA ICT in Education is a campus-based course, but it seems I receive e-learning support as well: not only abundant online resources but also always timely and useful feedback from the tutors.

The site-visit is interesting. It offers me an opportunity to see the real ICT practices locally.There are seminars weekly. This helps a lot in developing academic skills as well as critical thinking.

Chen-Hsiang Yu - Teacher

My experience of the MA course is very very positive. I chose the course because I met some bottleneck during my work in an education technology company. During the one year study, the course equipped me not only with knowledge, but also the capability to analyse and solve problems, as well as the ability for self-learning.

What I liked very much was that besides learning theories, we also had a chance to communicate with practitioners in the area, take some placement and join projects. I also liked the fact that the course give me the opportunity and support to explore my personal interests further. It is very interesting to involve the latest technology in our own learning, for instance, webinar, webfolio and Secondlife.

Now I have finished my course and re-joined my previous employer, taking a new role with new challenges.What the course has given to me is much more than a degree. I really enjoyed it.

Ding Ding - Educational Consultant

I have highly recommended some friends to do their MA Learning, Technology and Education at Nottingham since I believe it is one of the best in its nature in the UK. One of the very useful things was hosting experts on different ICTs applications and learning about others' experiences.

Sultan Alarifi - Graduated to doctoral studies



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