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UCAS Training Provider Code: 1CE

We are a group of schools located near The University of Nottingham on the south west side of the city. Our schools offer a diverse catchment and a mix of school types.

There are five schools in the alliance, three primary schools and also a separate infant and junior school. Two of these are also Church of England schools and our alliance also includes Foundation Stage nursery provision. This gives our alliance great diversity, as although the schools are geographically close they each have their own specific identity, allowing opportunity for a range of experience across the training year.

The heads of all schools meet regularly to share good practice and there are termly meetings with subject leaders. This frequent sharing of ideas and mutual support in the frequently changing face of education gives our schools strength. There is an expectation that all staff develop as leaders at all levels within this system. The relationships between the schools is good. We are motivated to improve the educational provision for all children and feel that sharing, helping and challenging each other is the way to achieve this.

As a trainee within this alliance you would benefit from the links which already exist. If there was a specific area of interest which could be supported by another school then this could be added to your programme. If you were offered a training place within the alliance then your home school would be decided once all training places had been offered so we could ensure that there was the best match possible between students and schools.

All of the schools in the alliance have had experience of working with beginning teachers so when you are in your home school you would have a programme of support tailored to your needs. There will also be the opportunity to meet with the other students within the alliance and access training and CPD between the schools.

At Wadsworth Fields Primary School, which is the lead school in the alliance, we also have a culture of self-improvement for all teachers. For the last two years we have run a development programme supported by specific training. Teachers have spent time recording and watching themselves teach and choosing their own focus for improvement.

As a trainee you would become part of this culture, learning alongside other colleagues. As a beginning teacher you would, of course, have things to learn but we encourage the idea that learning is a career long journey and we would expect the practice of questioning, developing and self-improvement to continue with you as you move through your teaching career.

Post-University interview

If you are successful at the University interview, your application will then be forwarded to the Wadsworth Fields partnership for consideration. The Alliance will then review your application, with successful candidates being invited to an interview. 

If we decide to invite you to a school-based interview, this will include:

  • an introduction to the schools within our alliance 
  • an observed session with a group of students 
  • a formal interview  

Following successful interviews we will discuss with successful applicants the most appropriate school for their needs and skills. 

After the course

Whilst there is no guarantee of employment after the School Direct course, our aim is to train teachers to work in our Alliance schools. 


Our employment rates are consistently high, last year 100% of our Primary PGCE School Direct trainees secured employment as a teacher in a school.

How to apply

When you apply in UCAS-TT you will need to search for and apply to 'Wadsworth Fields Primary School (1CE)'. The University of Nottingham will be listed as an accredited provider. 

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you are having problems finding the relevant course on UCAS.

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