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Engineers Teach Physics

Male teacher teaching physicsDo you have an engineering or materials science degree? Are you thinking of a career change into teaching?

To make the transition to teaching easier there’s a tailored teacher training course, Engineers Teach Physics that will support you to redeploy your engineering experience and skills and to achieve a Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) and Qualified Teacher Status (QTS).

At the University of Nottingham, Secondary PGCE Engineers Teach Physics offers an opportunity for engineers to bring their experience and skills of logical thinking and problem-solving to life in the classroom to help shape future generations of scientists.

You will train to become a specialist physics teacher across the 11-18 age range and to teach all sciences to key stage 4 (GCSE) level. You will be part of a diverse and vibrant learning community of PGCE science trainee teachers and in collaboration you will explore:

  • the principles which underlie the teaching of science
  • varied and detailed approaches for effective teaching and learning
  • how educational theory illuminates science teaching and learning

You will also have the opportunity to collaborate with trainee teachers from other subject areas to explore the wider issues of becoming a teacher such as child protection, special educational needs, inclusivity. 

Our trainee teachers are encouraged to reflect on their experiences in school to develop their understanding of teaching and how children learn science in schools. As their ‘teacher’, being part of this process is very exciting; hearing students make sense of their experiences in school using ideas from theory and practice, and then seeing them develop their own teaching in the classroom when we visit them in school is fantastic. 

Jo Hancock
Secondary PGCE Science Course Leader

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The university tutors take a student-first approach and genuinely care very deeply about you. I always felt very comfortable confiding in my tutor and was treated as though no problem was too big or too small. They go above and beyond to adjust the training programme to suit your needs.

Ben Hayes
Secondary PGCE Science

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