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Attainment Gaps

Attainment Gaps

Everyone at the University of Nottingham is a valued part of our community. It's our ambition to help you succeed regardless of background or circumstance.

Recent data from the Department for Education shows that students from minority groups (based upon age, ethnicity and socio-economic backgrounds) from across the UK are awarded fewer first and upper-second class degrees than white, middle class students.


What you need to know


We are actively trying to remove these attainment gaps in a number of ways, including:

    • Greater research into the experiences of students
    • Exploring the impact of assessment design and practice upon different student groups
    • Establishing a reverse mentoring scheme by which students from minority groups can inform and influence staff
    • Regularly reporting data on attainment gaps to academic departments
    • Improved student representation on groups and committees
    • Increased support and awareness training for all