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Box of Broadcasts

This page contains information about the Box of Broadcasts service within the UK. Its content is only applicable to current staff and students within the territory of the United Kingdom.

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What you need to know

Box of Broadcasts (BoB) is a service which lets staff and students record television and radio programmes which are broadcast within the next seven days. It's sometimes also possible to retrieve programmes that were broadcast in the last seven days.

Most terrestrial freeview channels are available and recorded programmes can be watched in a browser, but you can't download a copy of them.

Please note that under the terms of our licence agreements, access to BoB is restricted to current staff and students of the University of Nottingham and can only be used within the territory of the United Kingdom.


Copyright considerations

When using your own or other people's materials, please consider your reponsibilities regarding copyright and make sure that any participants have signed a rights waiver.

For more information and guidance about copyright, please consult the following:

Copyright and your responsibilities

Using BoB

In order to use BoB you will need to log on to the service as follows:

1.   Go to the home page of the BoB website:

BoB website

2.   Click on the "Sign In" button

3.   In the box below Where Are You From? enter "Nottingham" and choose "University of Nottingham" from the list that appears; then click on the "Go to login" button.

4.   The next screen will ask for your regular University login details

5.   If you are logging in for the first time, please indicate this when asked

Once you are into the site itself, you can request that a programme is recorded by clicking on the "Guide" (in the centre of the top purple bar). The "Search" option can be used to search for archived programmes.

When you record a programme, it will be also be available to others. You can also access programmes requested by others (you can find them through the search), make clips and compile playlists.


Further guidance

For more detailed information and BoB, please use the following links:

BoB video tutorials

BoB terms and conditions



The University has an Educational Recording Agency Plus (ERA+) licence which allows off-air recording of broadcasts within the UK.

This licence covers agreed off-site access, as managed via Box of Broadcasts. For more information, please consult the following: 

ERA+ licence information

ERA+ licence conditions

ERA labelling requirements


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