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Curriculum Transformation Programme

The Curriculum Transformation Programme (CTP) launched in September 2022. It is a university-wide initiative through which we aim to redesign selected undergraduate and postgraduate taught degree programmes in all schools/departments.

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What you need to know

Improving the design of our programmes is a key part of the University of Nottingham's strategy. The launch of the Curriculum Transformation Programme, which will run until 2025, underlines the importance of designing programmes of study which focus on the student journey, leading to the skills and values which we expect University of Nottingham graduates to be able to demonstrate. The programme brings together insights from current students, alumni, employers and the labour market to inform the re-design process. Both staff and students will work together on re-designing their programme, resulting in the negotiated co-creation of new programmes of study.

The aims of CTP include:

    • Developing robust processes for programme design, approval and review
    • Improving student learning and experience, including assessment literacy
    • Reducing assessment burden by promoting and facilitating a programme-level vision
    • Ensuring that all assesment tasks align with programme learning outcomes
    • Ensuring that programmes reflect the University's aspirations and values
    • Encouraging a culture of continuous improvement

The principles of the Curriculum Transformation Programme will be embedded into future curriculum design and will continue to support the University of Nottingham's strategy.

Curriculum Transformation Programme Toolkit


Curriculum Transformation Programme Toolkit


The Curriculum Transformation Programme Toolkit provides further information on the CTP, including resources and guidance, information on the underpinning theory and details of the key contacts in the team.

The Toolkit is designed to support programme teams at the University of Nottingham in the design of new programmes and in reviewing and redesigning existing programmes.

If you have any problems or queries specific to the Toolkit, please send an email to the Curriculum Transformation Programme Team

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If you have any problems or queries relating to the Curriculum Transformation Programme, please send an email to the Curriculum Transformation Programme Team.
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