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Designing Programmes for Learning - Driving Institutional Change

This page contains the recordings from the Designing Programmes for Learning conference that are relevant to the theme of 'Driving Institutional Change'.

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Designing programmes of study at the University of Nottingham

Dr Carmen Tomas (University of Nottingham)

Dr Nick Mount (University of Nottingham)

Joanne Workman (University of Nottingham)


Round table: addressing cultural barriers to programme level thinking

Chair: Professor Sarah Speight (University of Nottingham)

Dr David Tree (Brunel University)

Professor Wyn Morgan (University of Sheffield)

Dr Susannah Lamb (Nottingham Trent University)

Dr Sam Elkington (University of Teeside)

Professor Lydia Arnold (Harper Adams University)

Professor Katharine Reid (University of Nottingham)

Dr Oliver Vettori (Vienna University of Economics and Business)




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