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Designing Programmes for Learning: Foundations and Aspirations

This conference was hosted by the University of Nottingham and took place online between 11-12 January 2022. We thank the 44 speakers and 520 delegates, national and international, whose contributions made this event a success. Recordings from all sessions and key resources quoted during the event can be accessed below. 

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Conference description

Student learning and student experience are directly related to the design of programmes of study. Over the past 15 years, there has been increasing interest in design of curriculum and assessment at programme-level, resulting in a number of initiatives across the sector. It is now timely to share some of the progress that has been made and consider how to effect institution-wide transformation.

This conference offers a platform to share progress at different institutions. We will consider both the foundations of programme-level design and also the institutional aspirations. The conference will include a variety of session types, ranging from keynotes from experts to inspire and educate us, through to localised cases of good practice and experiences of leading institutional change.

Conference schedule

A full schedule for the conference can be downloaded below:



Recordings of the conference sessions by theme

To view session recordings, click on each theme below to go to a page which contains recordings for that conference theme. You can also see the recordings of the welcome session and the closing remarks.

Welcome session

Professor Sarah Speight (University of Nottingham)

Professor Katharine Reid (University of Nottingham)

Dr Carmen Tomas (University of Nottingham)


Closing remarks

Professor Katharine Reid (University of Nottingham)

Dr Ailsa Crum (QAA)

Dr Carmen Tomas (University of Nottingham)



We have compiled some key links and resources from the conference and these are available below:

Key links on programme-level assessment


Work on programme-level assessment at the University of Nottingham

During the conference, work carried out at the University of Nottingham on assessment load, programme design and learning analytics was presented. Below are related key publications:

Forthcoming publications:

  • Dianne Bowskill, Sarah Westwater-Wood & Carmen Tomas (in press) Programme assessment patterns for student learning in the health professions
  • Carmen Tomas & Nick Mount (in press) iCURATE framework for curriculum and assessment design
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