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Educational Excellence Fund

Educational Excellence Fund

Funding is available to all Educational Excellence-related groups to support their projects. This includes evaluations, research commissions, invitations to external speakers and UK conference attendance.

As a guide, we advise that requests shouldn't exceed £2,000.


What you need to know


Allocation and identification

Funding is allocated on a first come, first served basis. Members of all Educational Excellence-related groups are encouraged to identify projects in support of local and University enhancement strategies, as well as of National Student Survey (NSS) and Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) action plans.

All requests will be reviewed by the Chair of the Educational Excellence Group (EEG), Faculty EEG Leads, Educational Enhancement and Assurance Review Lead, and Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity (EDI) Lead. Other members will be consulted when appropriate.

Decisions will be guided as follows:

  • Requests should clearly demonstrate alignment with the enhancement priorities and NSS/TEF action plans for the relevant school, faculty, or professional service
  • Proposals should draw upon or contribute to an evidence base. They should have potential to develop good practice in key areas of academic work, professional development and student support
  • Proposals should demonstrate how they hope to make a difference beyond the school, faculty or other unit
  • Proposals should include a clear plan for evaluation and sustainability. This includes ongoing benefits beyond the funding period
  • Proposals should demonstrate clear value for money. For example, proposals should have the potential to benefit a significant number of students and staff, and to contribute positive data or stories to TEF submissions
  • Proposals that seek to involve students in meaningful ways are particularly welcome
  • Proposals for work that involves more than one faculty are encouraged

Budget guidance

Funding may be requested for:


How to apply

  1. Download the EEG Funding Request Form Microsoft Word and complete your details (a copy of the guidance information is also included within the document)
  2. Email your completed application to our lead administrator
For more detailed information, please contact the Chair of the Educational Excellence Group.